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One skill that we should all develop further is effective communication. Communicating clearly to your employees, co-workers, friends, and family is a critical part of your success and your ability to improve the conditions you live and work in. Many people think that great communicators are born, not made. They think that some people are just naturally good speakers and motivators, and that the rest of us are just destined to sit and follow those few charismatics. However, the contrary is true.

The key here is to discover what is fulfilling from your heart and notice the difference in your communication. There are several ways to better your communication with people, by listening more actively, adjusting your behavioral style to other peoples’ styles, and communicating in a way that people will listen to you. All these things are essential if you want to excel in life, but they are just the mechanics of effective communication.

I want to introduce a new way of communicating that comes straight from the heart, causes people to want to listen to you, and also attracts them like bees. Your message to the world is so clear that people “get it” instantaneously. As a result, you attract your target audience and opportunities that you want to pursue.

A few years ago, I attended a major conference and one of the speakers moved the whole audience by talking about a subject. The subject, in and of itself, was basically boring. Yet he was so passionate that he mesmerized his audience, helping each of us draw closer to his content and ideas. As a result many people were moved and offered their help to him. The lesson that I learned from this experience is that “Communication is about Connection” and without that your words are merely noise.

Now taking this a step further, once you are passionate about what you do, and you live and work with your values, communicating becomes much easier. You will be surprised at how much easier the words come once you speak from your heart. You will be ready to deliver presentations on even the most difficult subjects in such a way that everybody will “get it.”

Have you ever listened to peoples’ one-minute introductions? Personally, I hear a lot of “elevator speeches” and after a minute I still do not understand what some people do for a living. Yes, most of the people use the most eloquent words they can find plus all the business jargon of their industry, but what do they really achieve? Personally, only confusion on my part. And then someone comes along with a big smile, enthusiasm in her voice and says something in simple English that an eight year old would understand. What a difference! I believe that once you are crystal clear about what your gifts are then the right words come very easily.

When you speak before a large group of people or when you introduce yourself to a new person., use your passion as a catalyst for connecting with them. You’ll notice a profound difference in the result. Rather than graciously smiling and accepting your “pitch”, your listener will be open, inviting and interested.

Before your next presentation, take some time to work on your self-awareness. Below are a few tips that can help you become clearer and more passionate when you communicate.

1. Schedule time for your inner work. Before you can present yourself effectively to others, you must first be fully aware of who you are, what you want to communicate and the result you are looking for. Make time for your own self-work. Concentrate on things that will rejuvenate your spirit and help you move forward. If you want to be a great leader that speaks from his/her heart then you need to realize that self-care is essential otherwise your message will not come out.

2. Speak from your heart. You may believe that you cannot really speak what we have in our hearts. Statements like “I couldn’t possibly say that” come from logic and not passion. These thoughts make it difficult to communicate and connect with your target audience. Clear your head and listen to your heart. Once you concentrate on you, you will discover your true passion. Feel free to express it – others will appreciate your genuineness.

3. Use your personal story to convey a difficult message. Do not be afraid of using your own story as you connect with your audience. If you have a compelling testimony, it will move your audience to the point of connecting with you. This, in turn, will help them understand your presentation better. Admit that you are human, that you’ve made mistakes… all these things will bring you closer to your audience.

Watch for Part 2 of this series, as we will discuss additional ways to communicate more effectively with a group of p

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