One reason it is hard to quit anything, is because the person is focused on just that -- Quitting Something. I'll tell you how to change your mind by focusing in a different direction. This technique I've trademarked is called "Mindset Reversion" and it has a base in the Law of Attraction.

There are two important parts of "Mindset Reversion". One part is similar to a sports training technique called Feelization. Originally, Dr. John Elliot, a psychologist described feelization as visualizing winning from the first-person point of view, rather than third-person. A person attempts to feel the desired experience to attain rather than seeing the outcome they hope to achieve.

This multi-sensory forward thinking is very useful for athletes. However, I proposed in "Mindset Reversion" that the person go beyond feeling the outcome they desire. Instead, revert back to a previously held mindset that included a positive time period in how you thought about the subject.

Mindset defined is "a mental attitude or inclination, a fixed state of mind" and reversion means "a return to a former condition." Hence, Mindset Reversion is reverting to a previously held state of mind or mindset. Naturally, reverting back to a mindset that was healthier.

The other important part of "Mindset Reversion" is that it utilizes the Law of Attraction. In the Law of Attraction, somewhat based on Quantum Physics, it is believed that to succeed at something you must focus on receiving it, and allow yourself to receive it. This is exactly the opposite of the mindset of "quitting something". For example, if you're skiing and there is only one tree in the middle of the run, focusing on avoiding it tends to cause you to near it and maybe hit the tree. A better solution is to focus on getting down the mountain clearly and easily, along with enjoying it. Don't think about not hitting the tree as being your goal. Going down the run and having fun are the goals. Think and feel what it is like to gracefully glide down the mountain side in the crisp white snow with the breeze flowing by you as you ski your way to the bottom.

To enable yourself to quit drinking alcohol, for example, if you are an alcoholic, there are two mind changing events. One is to think back to a time when you didn't drink. Start by thinking of recent years, a time when you only drank on the weekends for example. Then go back further, to a time when it was just an occasional drink, like at holiday parties.

Then, take yourself back in time and really feel a time and a mindset when there was no drinking, in fact there was no such thing as alcohol in your life. You can really take on that mindset again by focusing on how good it felt to not know alcohol, and to not know hangovers, and to not know what a "buzz" felt like. Over time you can retain that mindset and reach what I call the full mindset reversion, which is feeling and knowing that there IS no alcohol in your life. Just like it was in the beginning of your life.

Coupled together this is a powerful combination of resetting your mind, and doing it in a positive way. Don't focus on what you're not getting (alcohol), focus on what you are getting, beautiful days, good health not hangovers, and peace.

Karen Price's book out now is called "Simply Quit Drinking: An Inspirational Journey From Near Death". She is also counseling others on weight loss and addiction recovery.

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Author of "Simply Quit Drinking: An Inspirational Journey From Near Death" published by Reaching Peak Publishing, writes articles on "how-to-quit" addictions. Her book provides insight into how to help someone you know that is suffering.

Karen Price's role is to manage the marketing of Reaching Peak, LLC, as well as oversee web services. Karen brings a wealth of experience in Product Management, Marketing, and Public Relations for small and large corporations. Predominantly, her experience is in marketing and product management roles at companies such as Magnetic, Exostar, eMerge Interactive, and CommerceQuest.

Currently Price is Marketing Programs Manager at Enporion, a supply chain management solutions and professional services company.

In the past, she has provided volunteer public relations and fundraising to charitable organizations such as Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Neurofibromatosis (NF), and Loudoun Area Agency on Aging.

Karen graduated from the University of South Florida, Tampa, in 1998 with a Master's degree in Business Administration, with focuses in Entrepreneurship and Management Information Systems. She also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from U.S.F. in Mass Communications with a focus in Public Relations, and a minor in Sociology in 1995.