Do you ever take the time to think about the relationship between your body and your mind? The human body that you have is an amazing creation. Each day thousands of old cells die off and thousands of new cells are made. Scientists have discovered that each new cell is vibrant and alive and contains within it, the intelligence to reproduce itself. What they have also discovered is that, if you isolate a certain type of cell and change the environment of that cell, it changes to a completely different type of cell. Put in an optimal environment, the cell flourishes.
So this wonderful human body of yours is really not a single entity, but a community of millions of cells living, and renewing - within the environment you create for them. Your mind, then, is the government for this community of cells. Scientific discoveries show that the beliefs and perceptions in your mind have amazing power over the entire community of cells that are your body. Those beliefs and perceptions play a major role in creating the environment that your cells exist in. In his book, The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about some of these discoveries based on years of his own research of the human cell. Another interesting twist in these amazing scientific discoveries is that genes aren’t solely responsible for your biology. They are only blueprints. Whether a person’s gene blueprint gets “read” or not is what creates your biology. It is only the energy that comes from outside of the cell, in other words the environment your cells exist in, which allows the DNA blueprint to be read. Interestingly, your beliefs and perceptions are what help to determine whether or not these gene potentials or “blueprints” get read.
What all of this means is that your thoughts and perceptions can help provide the power that makes up your biology. Since approximately 5/6ths of your thoughts run at the subconscious level, there is unlimited potential in the power of your subconscious mind, and you can learn to utilize that power. You can decide what beliefs and perceptions are serving you and your highest good and which ones aren’t. It is possible for you to create new thoughts and perceptions, which will, in turn, create the wonderful healthy trim body that you want and deserve to have.
When working with clients who have been plagued by the issue of having carried too much weight for a good part of their lives, I start by exploring how they view their body and their beliefs about their weight, their body, and the reasons their body is not what they would like it to be. Without fail, the three things I discover is that, one, they have accepted a belief that they have some kind of inferior genes which are largely responsible for this overweight condition, two, they have accepted an identity around this overweight condition, and three, they truly dislike their body.
After we uncover these beliefs I then guide them, through hypnotherapy and guided imagery, into a new relationship with their body and mind.
The first thing we do is to have a special meeting, calling in all of the cells of the body to be present and alert. We then thank the cells for their wonderful role in the new body we will be creating. We inform the cells that the entire community has a new slim, healthy identity now. After that, we go through a series of exercises and imagery to shine love and appreciation on each and every cell.
Choosing new beliefs and therefore a new identity for your body is an amazingly powerful way to achieve the weight loss you might never have thought possible.
After all, how would we ever get anywhere working against ourselves? Can you imagine if a coach called together his team and said “I expect you to work hard to make me proud, to be powerful and to defeat this other team, but, by the way, I can’t stand any of you. It really makes me sick to even look at you.” Yet, most overweight people have great disdain for their bodies. Or what if the coach continued with “ Now, I know that none of you really has the capability or talent to do what you are supposed to do out there to get the job done. It’s out of your control though. You were just made that way.” Yet, this is what we tell our cells when we write off our condition to bad genes or a certain event that made us this way forever.
Pay attention to the beliefs and thoughts that run through your mind. Make a deliberate effort to change those negative or destructive thoughts into positive, productive thoughts. The power of those new thoughts will create wonderful changes in your body.
You may not have realized it before, but your cells are listening and responding accordingly!

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Crystal Dwyer is a highly skilled practitioner of Transformational Life Coaching and Board Certified Hypnotherapist. She has studied with different masters of the healing arts over the years and even spent a year and a half with the famous Chopra Center of Well Being. She has her own unique program utilizing the powerful tools of Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Meditation. By using these amazing techniques she is able to assist her clients in overcoming the obstacles that keep them from being their best. With grace and humor she helps people move forward to create more of what they desire out of life.
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