Traditional counting for “making change” has just been replaced with a faster and easier mathematical counting method.

Not knowing how to “make change” is an underlying problem in today’s society. In this day and age, it is automatically assumed that everyone knows how to make change and that assumption is inaccurate. A high percentage of people who work with money exchange on a daily basis have trouble making change without the use of a register. However, there are also a high percentage of consumers that are unaware of how much change they are to receive back from the cashier. The traditional teaching for making change may be difficult for many people but that is all about to take a turn for the better. A new magnificent book called “The Annerino (9) (10) Counting Method teaches the reader a short-cut that will help them to quickly achieve the correct change and then count back the change to the customer. Money exchange is made on a daily basis all over the world and it is imperative that our society knows their change.

Twin authors Carla Annerino & Angela Annerino have worked with money exchange for over 16 years thus creating a fast and accurate revolutionary counting method for anyone to use. The authors state “This method is excellent for anyone that works with money exchange such as bartenders, cashiers, fast food delivery person, servers, craft shows, festivals etc.” On the other hand, you may not work with money exchange but you will forever be a consumer and you should always know how much change you are to receive. This method is great for the children of our future to learn as well. Making change the traditional way has just been replaced with a new and improved method that will truly become an answered prayer for many.

This dynamic duo has written a one-of-a-kind book that reveals their counting secret. They are now ready to share their method with the rest of the world! Not knowing how much change to give or receive is now a problem of the past.

The Annerino (9)(10) Counting Method book is now available at:

Author's Bio: 

Authors Carla and Angela Annerino were born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Since birth, they have always been close developing a special twin bond. They have worked together for over 16 years as waitresses dealing with money exchange on a daily basis and created a faster method to make change.