Writing content for your websites is a time consuming exercise particularly if you lack writing skills. The reason you write your own content is to come up with your own unique piece of real estate.

The search engines love unique content however, coming up with it on your own is not an appealing prospect to most people.

So how can you get around this? Well, you can outsource the work to ghost writers and while this is a good way of making sure your content is unique, it can be very costly when you're starting out as an internet marketer.

There is another way around this which is not costly and can save you plenty of time. This tip is right from the Portal Feeder training manual and used effectively by members.

Adding Commentaries

Article directories are a great source for content. However, if every one starts grabbing their articles from these directories and putting them on their sites then eventually, duplicate content is going to be an issue. If your site is new, you will have no chance of getting ranked ahead of a site which has been around for awhile and has good page rank.

So what can you do? Simple, just add commentaries. Adding commentaries to your sourced articles means you are putting your own slant on the article.

For example, if your topic is parenting and you grab an article from a directory which relates to a specific aspect of parenting don't just add it to your site, add a 50-100 word commentary to it.

Don't change the article structure though. This is very important. All you need to do is read the article thoroughly and then comment on it. Give your thoughts on the author's opinion or tips and add it as an introduction to the article. In this way, you are not interfering with the article content but with your added piece, you've just added unique content to your site.

One more thing, don't tamper with the resource box. This is a powerful tip from the Portal Feeder training grounds and a great way to add unique content to your website.

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