Summary: Are you holding the light for something incredible to happen? Are you ready for the next step?

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I turned off the TV yesterday because the presenter talked about a reality alien to me.

She talked about road rage and trolley rage and people not apologising for bumping into each other and pushing in at check outs. My community is a rural one - quiet and friendly, but I know not all communities are like this. What’s yours like? Is it like the aggressive stressed one that the TV presenter talked about? Is your community the way you’d like it to be? Do you want to shift the consciousness around you? If the answer is yes, then I invite you, to read on…

What is community intention?

For me, and your ideas may be different, it is about realising that inner connectedness - that my happiness and well-being is connected to that which surrounds me. I love to see children and elders as well as neighbours passing the time of day. It builds a bond of respect and trust for each other. My partner loves to take flowers to people’s doorsteps and leave them with a note: “From a neighbour who appreciates you”.

I love seeing parents smiling as they take their children to school. I enjoy watching children skip and sing and hearing stories of how a village pulled together to help a family under pressure because their son had a drug problem. It’s warming to know that a community has the power to change things without a child being expelled from school or the police getting heavy.

This kind of incident makes me ask: what will it be like when human spirit truly unites?

In Egyptian times something unique happened. The population forged a national identity in their hearts when communities from the north and south came together to built the Great Pyramid. In those days the Nile flooded and there was always a time when these people had to leave their homes. It was during this time that they would come together and work as one to build this magnificent monument that has stood the test of time. What’s more, they did it from their hearts, because no monetary system existed.

So, what if we did the same? Can we give from our hearts? Can we give of ourselves and share something of value with the ones around us?

We can do so much more when we realise the commonality of our lives is defined in a word. That word is: oneness. If we seek out that glow within us and within our communities we can achieve something incredible: we can transform ours selves, the community around us and shift the world from a place of despair, desperation and greed to a place of love, peace and wonder.

You may already have been holding the light for the coming of days like these. If you have, then I call you my brother and my sister, to now carry that light one step forward, because holding a light alone is one thing, but holding a light with a thousand others around you is true oneness. Holding the light, together in any community will transform any village, any town, any city, any country, any planet. Now is the time. Step forward.

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