The lives we are living are formed by the beliefs we carry in our mind. We form our beliefs at very early ages according to the people in our life that have influence over us; this can be parents, grandparents, teachers, clergy, or the accepted societal belief. Children will either accept the belief given to them, or reject the belief and accept a different one. I call these beliefs our “programmed beliefs”, because we are usually not conscious of them, or even thinking about them. They are running in our unconscious mind, and we no longer give them any conscious thought.

As we continue on in life our results are formed by these unconscious “programmed beliefs”. Our society would be a much happier and healthier place if everyone had wonderful positive beliefs; unfortunately we are often carrying negative beliefs. The people in our life that had influence over us, received their beliefs from other also, and they are usually not aware they are passing these negative beliefs along.

There is no one to blame in these situations because people are unaware of what they are doing and the negativity they are passing along. These programs of negativity are so ingrained, people are unaware they are operating. You can stop passing these programs along! Take an honest look at the following three negative programs that many people have operating in their minds.

Victim Mentality – Many people feel like a victim in some area of their life. They feel they are not responsible and are a victim of circumstances. The welfare recipients are now in a 3rd generation as this mentality is passed down from one generation to another. Health or weight issues in families are another common area where an individual feels they have no control and that something from “the outside” is affecting them.

Lack Mentality – Many people have negative programming involving lack, lack of money, opportunity, friends, or loving partners. If you are carrying a program based on lack, you are attracting that lack into your life. The rich get richer because they have programs built around prosperity. The poor are becoming poorer because they believe in victim hood and lack.

Not good enough mentality – Many people have been taught, they are not good enough, smart enough, educated enough, pretty enough, and on and on. The focus becomes a belief in themselves that is not prone to move them ahead in life. They live a life based on thinking and feeling they are someone not as good as someone else. People who are ultimately very successful in their lives have a healthy self esteem.

Do you see any of these programs operating in you? Awareness is the first step in being able to change. You can not change what you do not acknowledge. Recognize the beliefs that are controlling your life and choose to change those beliefs. Put up a “post it note”, with the opposite belief and read it several times a day. As you read the belief feel what it would feel like. An example of someone without enough money would be, “I am prosperous and money flows to me easily”. You would feel happy and positive each time you read the affirmation. Moving past a negative belief requires you focusing on a positive belief. When you really believe the positive belief it becomes your reality in life.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”
Mahatma Gandhi

“We don’t live in a world of reality; we live in a world of perceptions”
Gerald J. Simmons

“If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true were really true, there would be little hope of advance”
Orville Wright

Jean is a life change coach who specializes in helping you create change in your life in a supportive, co-created process.
“I help you move beyond your current limitations to creating your dream life”

Author's Bio: 

Jeanne Henderson has been a life long learner dedicated to exploring the tools and practices that can create a life that is balanced, centered, and in a state of continual enjoyment. She has studied with Shamans, is a Reiki Master, an Avatar, Light Body Practioner, DNR recoder, Channeler, Psychic and Life Enhancement Coach.

I have been on a 30 year mission to find the "Secret" to happiness. My journey has sent me all over the country to try new techniques and look at what is working and what does not work. This journey has been a fascinating one, though at times very hard, frustrating and unsuccessful. I feel through all my trials and tribulations I can help assist you with your journey to self-fullment. I have found the "Secret" and can provide the support and tools to help you create the life you are wanting.