Candida is an increasing problem that’s happening due to many reasons including: overuse of antibiotics for other ailments, overuse of candida medication, poor diet, and sedentary lifestyle.

Are you prone to candida?

Some people are more prone to candida overgrowth than others but that doesn’t have to sentence them to a never-ending queue at the pharmacy where they’ll have to continuously use creams, suppositories, troaches or oral medication. There are a lot of natural remedies that work as well.

Diet and exercise

Candida grows in specific environments. Some people are more rpone than others. Many factors can lend themselves to candida including medicine, poor immune system and to be blunt, it most often occurs within a toxic environment so if you’re constantly consuming junk and don’t eat well or exercise, your body might just be a candida breeding ground. You can find lists of foods online that you can use to starve the candida out of your body. A big one is sugar. Remove the sugar and you can remove the overgrowth of yeast.

Natural remedies for candida

Certain remedies can be used to deal with candida symptoms or killing off the candida bacteria and other remedies can help you keep it at from happening at all. Look into such things as: yogurt douches, oil of oregano, apple cider vinegar, organic coconut oil, tea tree oil and other folk remedies. Some work really well for people and they find that taking these substances can keep their body well regulated and boost their immune system as well.

In terms of exercise, it really can cure a lot of ailments even if it doesn’t sound like much fun. Besides more robust exercises like aerobics, you can also do rebounding which is jumping on a mini trampoline. It burns more calories than jogging and helps you cleanse your lymphatic system plus oxygenates your blood. There are even special models with stability handles for elderly or the unsteady. You can also use infrared saunas to sweat out body toxins and exercise to detoxify your body which can help you rid yourself of excess yeast.

Natural supplements are available and you can also take advantage of acupuncture as well.

Changing your diet, increasing your energy levels and recognizing what triggers candida overgrowth for you specifically is all key in the fight against it. While many people get an infection once and deal with it through medication from the pharmacy, it’s increasingly repetitive for people and research points to it causing many other health problems that you might not even be aware of. Candida involves more than a rash or thrush.

Because you might be plagued today with repeated yeast infections doesn’t mean you have to deal with it forever. Some simple lifestyle changes (that might not seem simple at first but will get easier with time) and healthful eating along with taking certain substances regularly can help those who are most prone to yeast infections either reduce the likelihood of getting the infection, treat symptoms when it does arrive or completely eradicate candida from their lives.

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