One herb that has been proven to work as a natural eczema remedy is evening primrose oil (Oenothera biennis L.). This herb is very rich in omega-6 essential fatty acid and gamma-lineolic acid. These 2 main active ingredients make evening primrose oil a good supplement to consume if you suffer from eczema or other types of skin disorders.

Eczema is a skin disorder, with the appearance of red rashes all over or in patches on your body. Some experts say that some types of eczema are caused by blood impurities. Blood impurities, in turn, also cause blood clots. And this is where evening primrose oil comes in. The risk of blood clots and the aggregation of blood platelets are dramatically reduced whenever evening primrose oil is used.

But the more important thing that evening primrose brings to you is a regular supply of essential fatty acids. Studies show that prostaglandin, which is a lipid compound, is a substance that governs a number of specific processes inside the body. One very important thing that prostaglandin manages is inflammation. Consequently, inflammation of the skin is the most fitting description of eczema.

But sadly though, prostaglandins are not stored in your body. Instead, they are being synthesized constantly from essential fatty acids or EFA. On the contrary, EFA can only be obtained from your diet. Thus, in order to ensure that you have an adequate supply of protaglandins in your body, you should make sure that you eat foods rich in essential fatty acids. The only foods that the EFA considers to be good sources of this are contained in seafood, flax seed oil and evening primrose oil.

Evening primrose oil is supposed to be ingested orally as it is mostly sold in an herbal supplement form like soft gels. You can refer to the packaging to find out what dosage you should take. Evening primrose oil may also come in liquid form. Simply consume a tablespoonful of the oil each day helps a lot in preventing an eczema flare up. It may also be combined with food for consumption.

Many believers in natural health remedies honestly believe that evening primrose oil is an effective natural eczema remedy. Consuming this regularly for prevention purposes is far better than relying on topical steroid creams that are commonly prescribed for treatment. Prescriptions often result in side effects that are harmful to your body. You can easily purchase evening primrose oil at your local stores or at numerous herbal remedy stores online.

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