You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Just like you must have a Road Map for your overall sales success, each sales call must have its own little road map. We’ll call them scripts. You can develop your own script or begin to use one that has been developed by someone else. Your sales script is only there so that you can measure and improve what you do.

The World's Most Powerful Sales Script for you will be one that is completely natural. Begin with one developed completely from your subconscious. Tape record several sales calls over the next few weeks and have the them transcribed.

If you dont have anyone to do the transcription, use an online service. I recommend for short transcription. For longer projects of 30 minutes or more, you may want to bid it out on

Read through your transcribed sales presentation. First, congratulate yourself on the sale! You are already working from a successful script. This one has been used to generate a sale. Now, how can you make it more effective?

Now complete the following debrief of your sales script.

• Identify your areas of strength.

• Identify your areas of weakness.

• In each area of weakness, identify what caused that weakness. Some possibilities are fear of losing the sale, lack of hard data to support the sale, lack of research about your prospect’s real needs.

• Look for trends where you made your strongest points, asked your most powerful questions, or placed the customer completely at ease.

You may have been doing these things subconsciously, but imagine how powerful you could be if you could reinforce your best behavior and completely eliminate your limiting behavior. You see – the reasons that some people fail to appreciate scripts as they think of them as word for word recitals that are not genuine and come across as strained.

Re-write your scripts in the areas where you have been naturally struggling. Refine them until you make them a natural response. Now – record them and listen to them as you drive from call to call. You’ll soon have the World’s Most Powerful Sales Presentation and your sales will skyrocket!

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