Thanks to Sarbanes-Oxley and recent fraud trials like the one currently going on (Enron), we are entering INFJ heaven! There are no hotter topics in business today than "ethics" and "transparency". There are no issues nearer and dearer to the heart of any INFJ than "ethics" and "transparency". I’m the IntrovertZCoach and I know. Over 65,000 people have visited my website in the last year, probably about half of those INFJs and the other half INFPs.

The persistent complaint of INFJs is that they work with dishonest monkeys. OK, they work with people who have no ethics. INFJs who are willing to use their intelligence, integrity and intuitive gifts make natural Whistle Blowers. They can and SHOULD take responsibility for cleaning up the workplace not be victims of it.

Think how healing it would be, INFJs, rather than coming home every night fuming over lack of ethics and the fact that no one will listen to you or do anything about it, you PERSONALLY could do something about it and be PAID and RESPECTED for it.

INFJs your evolutionary moment has arrived. Pluto is in the 26th degree of Sagittarius and ethics are hotter than they will be for the next roughly 240 years. Can you take the challenge. Can you see that this will HEAL you?

Please consider a 21st Century role as "Hired Gun". Get into the ethics department at work. Better yet, create one or head it up. It will then be your job to do what you’re doing all the time anyway, policing the environment for rule breakers.

Personal power comes from committing and taking responsibility. Can you commit to cleaning up what you complain about. Can you and will you, please, walk your talk?

The stage is set. The lights are up. The music has started. The business world is waiting for your talents!!

SHAGGY DOG STORY FOR INFJS: A friend of mine, a feisty little Italian mama, got behind on her bills and was pestered by a collection agency. The guy made the mistake of trying to "guilt" her into coming up with money she simply didn't have at the moment. Her reply, "Don't go there with me. If it wasn't for people like me, you wouldn't have a job."

INFJs, what I'm going to say next is a stretch but leap their with your intuition ... the reason there is dishonesty in the business world is so that you exist.

Gotcha with a little Zen, I hope.

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Nancy R. Fenn is The IntrovertZCoach. She has helped over 65,000 introverts find their place in the sum Visit her on the web at or