For several years now, lots of authors have talked about emotional intelligence in the family and in the business or the organization. We are now shifting towards spiritual intelligence; term popularized by Stephen Covey in his book "the 8th Habit"

In the article entitled" The Spiritual Secrets of Success", Datta Roshni explains: "It is only SQ (Spiritual Quotient) that set humans apart from both machines and animals. SQ is about compassion and creativity, self-awareness and self-esteem, flexibility and gratitude"

If SQ is about self-awareness and self-esteem, if emotional quotient is about the ability to manage the emotions of one's self, and if intelligence is about reasoning, planning, solving problems, thinking, comprehending ideas, and learning, then we have 3 powerful systems that, if worked together, can create a "propulsion system" towards a higher and healthier self-esteem.

By developing our cognitive intelligence, emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence, one can also develop more self-worth, self-respect, self-confidence and self-love

Abraham Maslow, American psychologist and considered the father of humanistic psychology described that self-esteem entails competence, confidence, mastery, achievement, independence, and freedom.

He proposed that the second kind of esteem need is the need for respect from others. He said that respect from others entails recognition, acceptance and appreciation. Without the fulfillment of these needs, Maslow suggests that an individual feels discouraged, weak and inferior.

Use these 3 powerful intelligences, your cognitive, emotional and spiritual intelligence and, if worked together, they will create a "propulsion system" towards a higher and healthier self-esteem.

Learn how to develop your full potential by becoming emotionally and spiritually rich. Lots of people find it easy to become intelligent, cognitively speaking, by acquiring more knowledge. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't apply this knowledge. That's how you can become emotionally rich, by applying what you learn. Be smart. Be whole.

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