Did you ever wish that a new baby came with a manual? How about a manual for a loving, enduring marriage? We need manuals for life! Wouldn’t it be great to have a step-by-step roadmap—a job description for your spiritual life—to show you what is expected of you if you want to succeed?

Alberta Fredricksen’s book, Resume of a Disciple, is an easy primer on how to apply common professional performance tools like job descriptions and on-the-job training to help readers discover and understand their own spiritual career paths. This practical action guide invites spiritual expansion without giving up your day job.

“Today, more than ever, people are asking, ‘What’s my life’s purpose? What am I doing here?’” says Fredricksen. “It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when watching the news and hearing about pain and suffering around the world. If we had a guidebook to follow in our everyday lives, we could experience our interconnectedness with each other differently, and that could have an impact on those close to us as well as on people around the world.”

Resume of a Disciple gives readers the insights and tools they need to become the best they can be while living their normal, everyday lives. Though it uses Christ as a model, readers do not have to be Christian to benefit from its messages, which are respectfully and inspirationally drawn from a variety of recognized religious philosophies, as well as some lesser-known spiritual schools of thought. The tools are practical and can be applied to any reader’s situation, no matter what his or her spiritual background.

“I really believe that Spirit and faith can change lives and alter the world we live in for the better,” says Fredricksen. “I have taught and walked with others through many of life’s trials, and have lived through my own difficulties as well. Along the way, I found my real identity.”

In Resume of a Disciple, readers will…

· Learn how stepping up spiritually is as easy as following a job description.

· Gain an essential understanding of self.

· Grow by integrating Spirit into their routine way of living.

· Become more aware of who they are and how important they are to God’s plan.

· Realize that they can build their spiritual resumes moment by moment.

· Understand how to maximize Spirit in their lives and transform the world, one soul at a time—beginning with themselves.

Resume of a Disciple by Alberta Fredricksen is available on Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com

Author's Bio: 

Alberta Fredricksen is an educator, consultant, speaker, minister and coach. She facilitates others in transitioning through change and conflict to better meet their expectations. Her resume encompasses forty-plus years as a teacher, school administrator, human resources administrator, university instructor, consultant, minister and coach.