No matter whether you are an experienced golfer or a complete novice, you will find the perfect golf course to suit you in Myrtle Beach. Known for its beautiful yet challenging golf courses, Myrtle Beach has been rated the number one golfing destination by yahoo travel. So just why is Myrtle Beach so popular? Why Thousands of Golfers Recommend Myrtle Beach

With over 100 courses to choose from, Myrtle Beach is well known for its golfing experience. However, although there may be a vast amount of choice available, it does not affect the quality of the courses. Many people assume that just because there are so many courses available, some of them will not be as good as others. So it is refreshing to learn that no matter which course you do choose in the area, you are guaranteed a fantastically good quality experience.

The scenery that you are faced with is absolutely breathtaking. Not only will you get to admire rolling green hills, crystal clear beaches and lush green forests, but you will also spot a number of wildlife too. As you are playing, you will see birds of all shapes, colors, and sizes flying overhead. It truly is breathtaking.

Some of the best golf courses in the area include:

. Litchfield Country Club
. Willbrook Plantation
. True Blue
. TPC of Myrtle Beach

The above are just a few of the top golf courses available. Litchfield and Willbrook courses are both owned by the same company. This allows you to play both courses in the same day for a reduced rate. So if you want to play golf at Litchfield in the morning and then Willbrook in the afternoon you can do so for a discounted rate. The courses also open until late too which means you can play for as long as you like.

True Blue and the TPC of Myrtle Beach courses are two of the most challenging courses in the area. So they are therefore better suited to the more experienced golfer. Willbrook and Litchfield are better suited if you are a beginner. If you want scenic courses then the Blackmoor Golf Club and the Black Bear Golf Course are definitely for you.

Overall Myrtle Beach is known as the world's number one golfing destination for many reasons. There is no other place on earth where you can get a better quality golfing experience. Not only can you enjoy the best golfing in the area but you can also experience the best in dining and shopping too. What more could you possibly ask for from a golfing destination? It doesn't matter what level golfer you are, Myrtle Beach will always have a course to suit you.

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