Well, you should be. That statistics aren’t in your favour! The biggest drop in available single males happens in our 30’s.

I know that’s not really what you wanted to hear, but who am I to lie to you?

Keep reading though - this article isn’t all doom and gloom. In it I want to tell you 3 things:

1. Why you haven’t found your Mr. Right…yet
2. The answer to that question lurking in your subconscious – will I ever find him?
3. Let you know clearly what you must do if you’re committed to finding him.

Are you committed? Because if you aren’t, don’t even bother reading the rest of this. Don’t waste your time. Why? Because learning what to do to find your Mr. Right is relatively easy. The difficult bit is committing and taking the action required to find him.

Still reading? Good. Then let’s start with point number 1 – why haven’t you found him?

Why Haven’t You Found Your Mr. Right?

There are lots of potential reasons. Let me list a few for you and see if they ring any bells. You’re:

• Not dating enough
• Giving out the wrong signals
• Scaring men off
• Spending a lot of time in the wrong relationships
• Consistently going out with men that are wrong for you
• Not prioritising enough time to finding a relationship over your career
• Struggling to find any decent men any more

The list goes on, so if you haven’t seen the main issue you’re facing, don’t worry. The key point is, the reason you haven’t found your Mr. Right is because of you. It isn’t because all the decent men have been taken. It isn’t because all men are pigs. It isn’t because .

As long as you keep justifying why you haven’t found your Mr. Right you’re just perpetuating the problem. If you don’t acknowledge that there is an issue, then you may never find your man.

Yes, I’m being cruel to be kind here. But if you don’t take the first step and acknowledge that something needs to change (even if you don’t know what that is yet) then your chances of finding him in the next 10 years are just the same as they were in the last 10. And you know the results of that already.

Is It Still Possible To Find Your Mr. Right?


It is still possible. And I’ll tell you what you must do if you’re committed to finding him in a few moments time.

But first, you must get back some of that belief in yourself. It’s likely that your self esteem has taking a bit of a battering over the years. ‘Why haven’t I found him?’ ‘What’s wrong with me?’ ‘Why can’t I find someone to love?’ If you’ve been asking yourself those types of questions then you’re self esteem will have deflated somewhat. Add to that the fact that you haven’t found him and you may have begun to believe that you’re never going to find him.

The truth is, once you’ve identified the main beliefs and behaviours that have prevented you from finding him, then you can find him within months.

I know that sounds impossible. I’m even considering not putting it in this article. But it’s true. (I have plenty of client testimonials to prove otherwise so I’m not just saying it to make you feel better)

Here’s a quick example of how beliefs and behaviours can ruin your chances. If you’ve always believed you weren’t as attractive as some women because you didn’t get approached by men as often, then that may have led you to date less and less over the years. That’s a problem. Not that you’re not attractive. It’s your belief that you’re not attractive. The biggest reason men approach you (or not) is to do with how you flirt – not to do with your physical attractiveness! (That’s proven in a University study that I have the results for.)

Now that may not be your belief or your block. But the message is this. You have a belief or a behaviour similar to this, in some area of your life that’s preventing you taking the action necessary to find your man. Find out what it is, eliminate it and you open the possibility to find your Mr. Right. Within months. If not, a couple of years at most.

What You Must Do To Find Your Mr. Right

a. Identify the main beliefs or behaviours that have prevented you from finding your partner
b. Make the changes necessary to change or eliminate them
c. Get very clear on who you want to get with
d. Date relentlessly

And that’s it.

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