Need a checklist of sorts to compare online data backup and recovery services? Here's my ultimate, "no-brainer" computer backup Wish List to help you do just that. Simply use this Wish List to evaluate any data backup service that you're considering. If it doesn't satisfy the Wish List, it's not good enough for your business. Period.

I want a computer backup system that:

- Runs automatically, so I don%u2019t have to remember, be in the office, or set aside time to backup my information.

- Saves all my files, updates and changes every single day (even Saturday and Sunday), so I%u2019ll never lose a single day of my hard work again.

- Ensures my valuable client database will never be lost%u2014because without my list, my business is doomed.

- Stores all my records at a separate physical and geographical location from my computer, so my information is protected even in the event of a theft, fire or flood.

- Automatically backs up my %u201Cbackup%u201D to a third location, so that I have complete redundancy, and so all possibility for information loss is eliminated.

- Does not copy over my last backup, but instead allows me to see what my work looked like yesterday, a week ago, last month, or even 12 months ago.

- Encrypts my records, so no one but me can access or read my files.

- Automatically tests my backup to make sure it%u2019s actually working, so my work will be 100% recoverable when my computer crashes again!

- Eliminates all time spent by me and my staff to complete and test our backups, so I have more time to concentrate on my business.

- Eliminates all backup hardware investments, so I have more money in my pocket.

I want a backup system that automatically:

- Saves my information.

- Protects the time I invested to complete my work and build my client database. (This is a biggie! Can you imagine building your list again from scratch?)

- Gives me the peace-of-mind that my next computer crash will be a mere inconvenience%u2014not a catastrophe.

- Lets me stop worrying about backup altogether because I don%u2019t even have to think about it, period.

Remember, if the computer backup service you're looking at doesn't give you EVERYTHING on my ultimate, "no-brainer" computer backup Wish List, it isn't worthy of your business. Don't make compromises where the survival of your information is concerned, because the survival of your livelihood depends upon it.

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Blue Melnick


Lead Storage Specialist

Virtual Tape Drive Canada

Blue Melnick, Co-Founder and Lead Storage Specialist of Virtual Tape Drive Canada, has a decade of experience in IT management. Blue is the driving force behind VTD Canada’s SOS Support Team, which provides the most comprehensive 24/7/365 telephone and onsite technical support in the industry. A natural spokesperson, Blue advances VTD Canada’s vision by communicating the importance of secure offsite data backup to other entrepreneurs and business leaders in the SME space.

Prior to co-founding Virtual Tape Drive Canada in September 2006, Blue was the General Manager and Senior Vice President of Information Technology for R.A.P. Marketing Promotions Inc. He spearheaded the multi-million dollar fundraising campaign for the Police Retirees of Ontario for nine consecutive years, and was also responsible for R.A.P.’s multi-office predictive dialing communications system.

Blue represents Virtual Tape Drive Canada as the President of Business Network International’s (BNI) Toronto Danforth Chapter. On the weekends, he teaches young teens to ski at Alpine Ski Club in The Town of the Blue Mountains, Ontario.

February 2007