-living a life with new behavior in play!!

So here we are, at the end of the page, and oh what a challenge.
We’ve gone through all this work. We’ve had a “spiritual awakening as a result of THESE steps” and now we have to live the life?
So what are these principles we’re expected to practice?
To me they are:
Humility: and this is very different from my old false pride;
Honesty: to my higher power, to myself, and to others; a novel concept!
Faith: reliance on things outside of me, and that includes you;
Courage: to live as my HP wants me to live, and live without mood alteration; Gratitude: for all that has been given to me on a daily basis; and Service: I must be of use to my HP and to others; not the old self-centered me!
On a daily basis, I honestly try to practice these principles in my dealings. I have defects of character still with me, but I do try.
Funny, about a year ago my honesty was called in to question. In my own mind I had been totally honest, maybe just danced around the edges on some things. Upon reflection, I came to appreciate the point of view of others, and made amends as best I could. I have to diligently be on guard for old behavior patterns.
I invite you to reflect on these principles. Do they make sense to you? Are the principles you’d like to have as a mainstay in your life?
For me, gaining them as a part of my journey was a real bonus. Understanding what they are and mean, even better. Practicing them; priceless.
Remember what my number 1 book says, if you want what we’ve got and are prepared to go to any lengths to get it, there is a program available to you that will awaken you to a rich, full life without depending on addictive substances and behavior. Back to my female role model and hero Dr. Ruth B, a great model for good mental hygiene is found in this program!
In a few days, I will review the stuff I’ve journalled about the steps this year. I’ll compare it to past efforts and look for growth! Hopefully, it all makes sense and I’ll put my thoughts into an e-book and share with all; not as an expert, but as a person on a journey of discovery with no destination!!

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