Free and Fast MP3 downloads are the rage of the town. And I am not talking about one or two towns here – this observation is true to a multitude of towns all over the world. From Seattle to Tokyo, from Detroit to Sydney, MP3 is the way to be. And the fact that it is all mostly free makes it all the more popular. While the voices raising concern over propriety rights and copyright infringements are also justified in their concern, the fact of the matter is that attempts to download music free of cost have reached a level of popularity unparalleled in history. The beauty of it all is – the attempts are successful as well.

Free MP3 software has been available for years now. The Napsters of this world have been around for a while, yet it is surprising how there are still people out there who have let this silent revolution pass them by. It is all the more important for these people to learn more about the combination of the world of music and that of computers, and the irreversible changes that it has brought about in life.

Barely one step above their free cousins are cheap MP3 players available on the net. You need to scarcely spend a few dollars and you can download music software adorning your PC that will play the latest and the best music as if you are playing it live in an amphitheater. There is a huge variety of options available with each such player. You can choose a skin of your choice – some even allow you to design one of your own.

You can choose your favorite songs and add them to a playlist that will do all the hard work for you thereafter. All you need to do is select the playlist of ‘Jazz’, and your favorite Jazz player will be crooning away the selection you love most in no time. Tired of the same sequence repeating itself over and over again? Never mind – just click the ‘Shuffle’ button and the songs will play themselves in a random order even you wouldn’t be able to guess.

Then there is the added option provided by many players, of even selecting the ambience in which you want to hear your music. Decide whether you want to hear Brian Adams in a room setting, or would prefer him to perform for you in a hall, or a stadium maybe? All options are available at the click of a button.

Software like the Windows Media Player come bundled with the operating system itself and have an extremely large variety of options in itself. Others that are available on the internet, however, add greatly to the features available for use, making the Media Player look pale in comparison.

While most of the established artistes do not allow their music to be distributed for free, peer-to-peer sharing results in massive availability of all kinds of music on the net. While ethically incorrect, there is no dearth of such music - the biggest pop star and his latest albums are all available. The fact that free music software allows playing this music in complete anonymity in the comfort of your home has allowed the software industry to keep pace with the speed at which the music industry has spread on the internet.
Like it or not – free music and free music software is here to stay. Love it or leave it – but you can’t ignore it!

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The author loves recording music. You can set up a home recording studio to do your own digital music recording. Good and inexpensive recording studio equipment is easily available.