The Fast Goal Setting Strategy To Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

What are goals?

I am going to answer that question by telling you a story.

The story of Sylvester Stallone and what having a goal can create for you.

Stallone was not good looking, he had little acting experience and his speech was so slurred that not even the local drunks could understand him. And this chap wanted to be a star? What chance would you have given him?

But he had a goal and he was aiming his life straight for it. He also had a wife, a child and a dog to support so was under serious pressure to create results. He landed some small film roles but decided to start writing films aswell. He put pen to paper and started to write the Rocky film.

He wrote the whole film within three and half days and hit the L.A. movie sector with it. His story was so good that he was offered $20,000. Wow I hear you say, not bad for a few days work.

He turned it down!

This was a man who only had $106 in his bank and he even had to sell his beloved dog in order to feed the family, yet here he was turning the offer down because the producers wouldn’t let him play the part of Rocky due to his appearance and lack of experience.

So he left empty handed. He soon got another offer for $100,000.

He turned it down!

These offers kept rising until they reached $360,000 for him to not play Rocky. Is that a compliment? You guessed it, he turned it down again. He was living like a scavenger day to day yet kept his eye on his goal.

$360,000 in 1975 is worth a staggering $1.2 Million nowadays, this offer broke pricing records. However, he turned it down again and screamed “I am Rocky” as he walked out of their office. The producers wanted Robert Redford or Burt Reynolds among others to play the Rocky role but they soon realised that Stallone was not going to sell out, so in the end they offered him $35,000 and 2% of what ever profit the film made, and yes, he could play Rocky.

As you well know, Rocky was a great success and turned him into a superstar over night.

Can you imagine if he did not have that goal? This is something that is not just for other people, it is for you. You can achieve anything if you are clear on what you want.

First things first - “We need to start with the end in mind”.

Let’s have fun. Get a blank sheet of paper and go crazy, write down everything in life that you could ever wish for. Treat it like a Christmas list and no matter how far fetched it seems, write it down. It could be career goals, financial goals, relationship goals, fitness goals or anything else that you truly desire deep down. Go wild.

Once you are happy with your goals, you need to answer this question - How far away from each of these goals are you right now? For example if you wrote that you want to be the top sales person in the UK, what level are you at the moment?

Now it’s time to get disgusted with your current situation. Wow, that sounds negative! No, you need to see that you are unhappy with your current situation so you will be driven to achieve your stated goal. So be brutally honest and feel how dissatisfied you are. To put it another way, if you were now at the end of your living years and you were to look back on your life, would you be 100% happy with every area? If not, then you will see straight away the areas that need improving.

Now you know where you are and what you want, let’s start taking consistent action towards achieving it. From this moment on I want you to do at least one thing per day towards your goal or goals. Whether it is a small action or a big one, just do it. It could simply be a phone call or it could be setting up a meeting with someone who could help you.

This means that this time next year you will be 365 steps closer towards that dream. Once you have this mind set and you see yourself getting closer, you will find that one thing per day turns into two, three, four and soon 10 things per day. This constant chipping away is what makes a weed grow through a tarmac road.

So remember. Live your life in a way that aims towards your dreams and they will become your reality.

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Enzo Mucci is Britain's own ultra explosive coach who dedicates his life to helping other people live theirs.

A fully qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner who formulates exercises and practices to give people the results they want.

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