I’ve often wondered why people who seem sincere in their desire to succeed and to move up in their careers or to change careers never make the change.

I’ve counseled individuals who are unhappy with their present career and salary. We talk about what they want out of life and what they need to do to make a change. They seem to come away with a positive attitude and committed to work towards their goal. However, when checking back with them, nothing has changed.

It’s sad to see a year go by and then another one filled with unhappiness and lost dreams.

I believe individuals who don’t make changes lose site of their goal and positive attitude. They are so deeply involved with the day to day here and now they simply put off their dream until tomorrow. Of course we all know tomorrow never arrives.

Working in a career that drains your energy leaves you with little energy to work on goals that will take you to a new place in life with renewed energy. However, unless you want to continue as you are, you have to devise a plan that will move you out of your current circumstances and onto the path towards achieving your new career goal.

It is extremely important to define your goal and then break it down into realistic action steps that will allow you to succeed in reaching goal.

The steps outlined to meet a goal should include steps to maintain a positive attitude and increase your energy. Each step towards a goal should be celebrated as an achievement and a step farther away from where you are now. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Don’t be afraid to break the steps down into smaller units. Don’t be afraid to admit something didn’t work. Analyze it and figure out what needs to change to move forward.

Babies are such a great example. They have no fear. They try and try again. They accomplish so much the first year of their life. They don’t know they can’t do something so they have that positive attitude and before you know it they are crawling or taking that first step.

Recognize your strengths. Recognize what you have in your arsenal that will help you achieve your dream.

We all have attributes that will help us succeed if we are being true to our nature. It’s when we go against our true nature that we fall into trouble. We begin to swim up stream. Keep check on your true nature and be sure the goals you have are in sync with your nature.

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Performance Coach, Certified Core Map Coach
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