What a powerful thought! Or is it? The question of what if....let's ponder this for just a minute.... it could be very powerful yet it is only powerful in the sense of negativity!

"What if" is not the right frame of mind if you are really living the laws of attraction. "What if" is a negative thought!

Why waste time and energy wondering "what if"...

Things in our lives happen for a reason even when at the time it seems like its the worse things in our lives, yet going back over everything time and again with what you think should have happened is not going to help you move forward in your life!

* Why be bogged down with this negative thinking?

* Why be bothered with things in your past that you think should have been different?

* Why be bothered with people, things and situations that are in the past that you have no control over?

It does not serve a purpose and only keeps yourself stuck in the past instead of moving into the future. It fills you up with doubt and it doesn't move YOU FORWARD it only keeps you TRAPPED in the past!

So instead of sitting there at your desk, or on your bed and wishing things had happened differently and how things "could have been" why not think on the lessons that those memories actually taught you?

* What did you learn from the past, what is it that keeps you in this negative thought pattern?

* Can you apply the lesson that life gave you at that time to make your future better? Everything in our lives happens for a reason! Whether you believe it at the time or not, eventually you will see that what happened in your past only made you a stronger person! What happened in the past only made you know more about yourself and what you wanted even more from life!

So stop thinking in the past with the phrase "What if..." it serves no purpose but to keep you trapped in the past and unable to move forward!

I challenge each and everyone of you to erase that thought from your mind today, if you feel like you cannot move forward from this type of thinking grab your journal write down all your feelings from that situation that you cannot move past and get it out of your head NOW!

Then tear that piece of paper up, or light it on fire (be sure you do this in a safe environment) flush it down the toilet what ever you choose to do with it just get it out of your head and out of your life TODAY!

As you are watching the paper burn or go down the toilet envision this thought being released, never coming back, envision the lessons you learned from this past thought that is keeping you in the past and not letting you move into the future. Let it go! There is nothing more to learn, once it is gone it is gone!

Now move on, see your future as bright and free of all past influences in your life. See yourself as a strong person, doing what you want, feeling free and safe!

You are free and safe!

Below are a few affirmations that I use to help me when I feel that powerful yet negative thought "What if..." happening:

From Louise L. Hay's Book "The Present Moment"

* "I see myself as beautiful, lovable and appreciated. I am proud to be me."

* "I am created to succeed, and I now give thanks for my success."

* "I give myself the green light to go ahead, and to joyously embrace the new."

* "I am in charge. I take my own power back."

* "I constantly find new ways of looking at my world. I see beauty everywhere."

* "I speak up for myself. I claim my power now."

These are just a few of the 365 daily affirmations you can use to help heal your life and let go of the past!

I encourage each of you to find your "what if" and get rid of it today!

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