Innovation means progress, new visions and ideas -- moving forward. Forward progress is essential in life and business; we call it, "Success." If you aren't moving, you're stuck; and if you aren't growing, you're dying. But forward progress also means leaving things behind and moving on; moving forward means not looking back.

Letting-go of the past is a practical step and a liberating experience. But letting-go of the past means leaving the good and the bad; we can't hold-on and let-go at the same time. Holding onto a pleasant memory can sometimes be just as distracting as a negative memory. For example, every office has a person who remembers "the good-old days," when "we did things differently around here!"

Holding onto the past is an unproductive activity that uses vital energy we could be using in other parts of our life -- now, in the present. Holding-on to memories of how things were better in the past can cause resentment and stagnation; and holding-on to past victories can lead to apathy and laziness. Likewise, holding-on to negative experiences from our past can create fear, worry, dread, and other negative emotions that serve as an anchor arresting our forward progress, or a barrier blocking our path.

Here are some things to remember about letting-go of the past:

1.) Don't hold-on to past successes or victories. You are already wiser and more experienced as a result of your success; you cannot forget what you have learned. Continuing to dwell in the past, however, can create a number of progress-inhibiting problems, such as: Arrogance; Apathy; Laziness; and Pride. Don't "rest on your laurels."

2.) Don't hold-on to resentment or regret over how things used to be, or how they aren't anymore. Change is constant; getting stuck prevents you from moving forward, and it is a heavy load for others to carry. Pick it up! Change your thoughts; change your attitude, and create a new experience if you don't like this one. But lay-off the resentment and regret; they are poisonous.

3.) Don't hold-on to past failures or defeats. You learn from every experience; holding-on to a past failure means expecting the same in the future. These fearful expectations create the "Physiology for Failure," or the performance-limiting effects of the stress-response. You'll do better next time; plan for it.

When you let-go of the past, your load is lighter, and you feel more free. To be sure, it is much less stressful to simply let-go of things than it is to hold-on to them; and, when you can eliminate stress from your routine, you will find yourself with an excess of energy and creativity -- including creative solutions and ideas for moving forward.

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