When it comes to the process of conscious creation, the use of visualization and vision boards and maps has been big in the metaphysical community for years. And “mental rehearsal,” or imagining beforehand how you would like something to turn out, is now common practice among many elite athletes. In fact, Michael Phelps said he used visualization each time before he won one of his eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympics. Of course the art of attracting/experiencing what you want is not as simple as just picturing the desired result, but it’s been well documented that seeing something in your mind's eye beforehand can have a dramatic effect on how things turn out.

In fact, having the ability to effectively visualize something you want to have happen is key to having it manifest as easily and quickly as possible. That’s because your mind actually “thinks” in pictures, so visualization is the perfect way of providing your subconscious (which controls almost 90% of what goes on in your body!) with data about what you wish to have or experience. Giving it the right visual cues or images helps bring it into closer alignment or agreement with your conscious desires. And the great news is that there are fun-to-use computer programs, such as Mind Movies, that allow you to take the process of visualization and focused intention to a whole new level. With the technology that’s available now, you can easily create an animated slide show, or “movie,” for your subconscious mind using images, text, and music that represent whatever it is you want to attract into your life.

And that’s important because, as you’ve probably been hearing more and more lately, the Universe is always saying “yes” to whatever you're putting out there—whether it's picturing your dream job, or thinking about how much you loathe where you're working right now. Basically, the types of thoughts and images you focus on vibrate at a certain frequency and determine what you attract or experience. When you only have a vague notion or idea of what you want, you aren't giving the Universe (and your subconscious) the type of clear and specific instructions/pictures/vibration that will lead to you successfully receiving “the goods.” And your results are going to be even worse when you are busy focusing on what you don't want—which is actually what most people unwittingly spend much of their time doing (guess what they’re vibrational level is attracting then!).

Fortunately, creating your own personal movie of what you want in life is a sure-fire way to give the Universe and your subconscious the right kind of input to go on. In fact, by playing your movie with a subliminal program on your computer, you can consistently (that’s very important!) be feeding your subconscious and flooding your senses with the type of positive stimulation that can dramatically influence what you attract into your life. The kind of active visualization and focus that your movie provides helps raise your vibrational level and sends the Universe and your “inner director” (subconscious) a clear, concise message of what you want.

So that’s the “good news.” The “bad news” is that you're likely to have a number of subconscious beliefs that are not in alignment with what you consciously want and have pictured in your movie. And that’s where the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT as it’s more commonly known, comes into play. EFT is a wonderfully simple, yet highly effective, healing modality that can be used on not only emotional issues, but on mental, physical and spiritual ones, as well. And because it works to uncover and release subconscious beliefs that don’t serve you, it is an ideal tool to help clear out thought patterns and old programming that can stand in the way of you manifesting the kind of life you desire and deserve. This makes mind “movies” and EFT the perfect combination for realizing your dreams!

And there's no limit to the areas of your life that could benefit from the use of this “dynamic duo.” Want to lose weight? Enjoy better health? Attract your ideal relationship? Increase your income? Or maybe “all of the above?” Then get busy making your movie(s). You can also use the movie making program to create presentations that promote your business services, products, proposals, etc., or that commemorate an anniversary, wedding, holiday, trip, or other special occasion. The possibilities are endless. Just be sure to use EFT in conjunction with all your creative endeavors to insure that you get the best results and all the happiness you deserve!

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For more information about making mind “movies,” EFT, and other resources for realizing your dreams, go to All One Together’s Manifestation & Abundance page. While you’re there, be sure to check out All One’s workbook titled Vision Writing: Composing & Creating the Life You Were Meant to Live; it not only serves as a great template for writing an effective vision, it also makes a perfect format for coming up with the “screenplay” for your movie(s)!