Retail skateboards were first marketed in 1958 by Bill and Mark Richards of Dana Point, California. They attached roller skate wheels from the Chicago Roller Skate Company to a plank of wood and sold them in their Val Surf Shops.

Finding a nice play to skate is very hard these days, especially with some parks always full of children who are just trying to the same thing. At the same time, some parks do not have the adequate space or are just too crowded to accommodate skateboard ramps. To avoid these problems, one of the best solutions is to create your very own skateboard ramps either at home or in any backyard. To make this possible, follow this simple guide on how to design and build a stable skateboard ramp.
After everything is in the right position, it is now time to nail the pieces together permanently. From the remaining plywood, cut a smaller piece and then contour it using an electric plane, following the angle to create the pointed part of the skateboard ramp. Use a glue to hold the piece in place and then use a nail to keep the pieces intact while the glue dries off. Place the plywood on top of the frame, making sure that it is aligned with the top and both sides of the frame.
The skateboard has evolved since the first mass produced models in the 1960s. Boards in the past were often made in the shape of a surfboard, with no concavity and constructed of solid wood, plastic, even metal. The wheels were usually made of a clay composite, or steel and the trucks (axles) were less sturdy and initially of a 'single-action' design compared to today's 'double-action'.

If you like, you may even build yourself a ramp. The things you will need for the purpose will depend on the nature of the ramp you want. If you want a slider box or a jump ramp, an empty parking lot or your driveway will be enough. If want your ramp bigger and unmovable, then you will certainly need more space. It is wise to build your ramps on a flat or level surface. Otherwise, it will be difficult to build and ride the ramp.

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