Over the years I have worked with thousands of people in my various roles of Author, Consultant, Coach, Speaker and Trainer. Virtually all of the people I have met over the years have used products and services in an effort to help them improve their lives and businesses.

When I ask them about what they used and why they used it, I am, more often than not, met with an answer like this:

‘Well, I wanted to start a business, so I used a (product/service) to help me with that. But then I realized that I needed to learn marketing to grow the business, so I used (products/service) to help me with that. But then I realized that I was afraid of promoting myself, so I used (product/service) to help me with the fear. But then I realized that I needed to learn to focus and prioritize, so then I used (product/service) to help me with that. But then I realized that I needed to be a better communicator, so I used (product/service) to help me with that. But then…But…But…’

After they are done telling me about all the books they’ve read, seminars they went to, programs they bought, tele-classes they listened to, etc. I figure they must have a huge and thriving business, so I ask them, “How is your business doing?”

At this point they look at the floor or off in another direction, shrug their shoulders and tell me that they are still “working on getting things going,” This is really just another way of saying “I’m not doing much.” Despite all the learning, their lives and businesses are pretty much the same.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. You are in the majority.

People think that they use the word “but” as a lead-in to a REASON why something happened.

However, “but” is almost always the lead-in to an EXCUSE why something did not happen. They are explaining why they EXCUSED themselves from what they said they were going to do.

In my math: “But” first = “Butt” first! Or, in other words, if you continually find yourself saying “but” in regards to your commitments, that means you went about the commitment making process backwards or Butt-end first.

Now, before you make anymore commitments, and before you attend anymore seminars, and before you buy anymore books on business, and before you waste another moment of your life, you must first STOP and ask yourself one simple question: “Am I really motivated to make (Place Your Goal Here) happen?”

You see in life there are things we truly Desire and there are things we’d Prefer. Deep-seated Desires truly motivate us to take action in spite of any obstacle. While Preferences are merely things we’d like “if it isn’t too much trouble.”

The problem is that most of us have been conditioned by our family, friends, colleagues, etc. to see our Desires as being beyond our reach. So, instead, we half-heartedly pursue our Preferences.

This is why we never seem to really change anything in our lives and businesses. We are “going for” things we don’t really care about (our Preferences) which don’t motivate us. And the things we truly want (our Desires) are put off until “someday.”

So here we are planning our days and lives around the things we don’t really care about, while simultaneously telling ourselves that our real dreams are unrealistic.

Does this sound like a recipe for success? I don’t think so.

So what do you do? How do you start going for things the right way instead of Butt-first? Simple, tap into your motivation and go for your Desires.

“Nothing happens until something moves” – Albert Einstein

You see, in order to change your circumstances you must first change your actions.

Same actions = same results.

However, when you take a new and different action, that is when “something moves.” Or, more precisely, “something NEW moves.”

New actions = new results.

After this you simply analyze the new results, and adjust your actions again and again until you are getting the results you want. Getting the results you want is Success.

The only thing standing in your way are those darn But’s: “But first…” “But I can’t…” “But I should…” “But then…” “But I don’t…” “But maybe…” “But before…”

So, do you really want to be happy and successful? Do you really want to make changes in your business and life? Then go for your dreams, tap into your motivation, take new actions and, most of important of all, lose your BIG BUT.

Author's Bio: 

Erik Luhrs is the President of Make Your Business BOOM! Inc. He provides Consulting, Coaching and Seminars on Business & Performance Optimization to Executives and Business Owners all over the world. Visit www.MakeYourBusinessBOOM.com to request a complimentary Motivation Mastery Coaching Session today.