There are two paths to follow in life. One is the path of the Dreamer, and the other is the path of the Dream Stealer. Which path are you following through life?

We all start out as dreamers! As little children we all have dreams of being something magic, perhaps a space adventurer or a princess, maybe a dragon slayer or even president some day. But life has a way of setting limits on our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

As we go through life most of us learn that trying
something and failing equals pain! Our parents, teachers and peers don't want us achieving goals or dreams that are to big. Your success makes others around you un-comfortable so they try and hold you back. In their mind they only have your best interests at heart.

Dream stealers are all around you. Be careful with whom you spend your time - by the power of association, that we become. In order to realize your full potential in life you must develop the ability to turn your back on well-meaning dream stealers, and pursue your dreams.

If you don't pursue your own dreams in life, then you will wind up working for someone else's dream!

It's time to activate your Dream Machine.

Where do your dreams come from? Dreams are formulated in your imagination. It starts out as thoughts, maybe even day dreams. The more you think about it the more excited you become about the possibilities your dream has and the potential impact on the lives of others.

Capture that excitement on paper. Make it a habit of dreaming on paper. Place no limits on what's possible for you in your life. Think big! Expand your view of what you can do on a massive scale. Stimulate your imagination, seek advice and help from others and have faith in your own unique capacity to achieve greatness. Why not you?

Decide today that you are going to follow the path of the dreamers.

Take a look around you today. Everywhere you look you will see the end result of someone else's dream fullfilled. When you switch on the lights in your home take a moment to consider where life would be without Edison and his dream. When you get in your car remember you would still be riding a horse if not for the dreams of people like Henry Ford.

People with big dreams and active imaginations propell the world forward and make major contributions to the lives of millions. Again I ask, Why not you?

Grab your Goals Magic System right now and start to
activate your Dream Machine. It's the first step to your better future and the only thing holding you back is you.

Choose to be a dreamer today, not a dream stealer!

Author's Bio: 

Rod Moore is the developer of the Goals Magic System. He is on a mission to give away one million copies of his personal goal setting system. Get your FREE copy today and expand your view of what is possible at