People will tell you that in order to be prosperous you have to have a certain level of education, intelligence, knowledge, know the right people and so on and I am telling you it is simply not true. There are more rules around money and how to make, spend and manage it, than any other subject and when someone gives advice they are generally telling you about their rules.

The most important thing you need to understand about money is that it is energy, nothing more, nothing less. How much abundance you allow into your life is always your choice. I say this with great conviction because not only did I change my own financial circumstances using the prosperity principles I teach in my Money with Soul course, I have helped tens of thousands of other people change their lives as well.

During the seventies I was a single parent and my children and I lived below the poverty line. I am so grateful to have had such an experience because it enabled me to discover just how powerful I really am.

Each week my best friend would visit us and she always brought me a book on prosperity. Authors such as Catherine Ponder, Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone became my coaches, and I knew way back then that I was meant to teach prosperity principles one day.

I know a lot of people say you have to have a plan in order to succeed but I have always found that all I have to do is make a decision, and obviously support that decision with my thoughts, words and actions, and opportunities come to me. Nine years after my youngest child was born I was living in a lovely home and running a women’s investment advisory business. Not only that I was regularly quoted in newspapers and asked to talk about money matters on radio. At every step in my journey from poverty to abundance I simply invoked another prosperity principle.

Eleven years after reaching my lowest point I ran my first course on prosperity. I needed that length of time to learn about myself and life before I could start teaching others. Some of the things that I have learnt are:

There are only 2 emotions that block money coming to you and they are fear and resentment.

Understanding your money values can make it so much easier to achieve your goals.

If you don’t ask you don’t get.

One girl recently wrote to her credit card provider and asked them to reduce the interest on her credit card, they wrote back saying the rate had been reduced by 8%. Another asked her bank to reduce the interest rate on mortgage and they did. A woman wrote to me from the Maldives just after it was hit by the tsunami a couple of years back. She wanted to help the Maldavian people but she didn’t have the money to do my life coach training course. I gave her the Ten Step process at no cost, saying if she applied the principles she would manifest the money to pay for the rest of the course. She did. She is now doing some extraordinary work and reaching a large number of people in her country.

When I look back on those early days one thing I recall is how easy it was to go from where I was to where I wanted to be. The only time my life has ever been a struggle has been when I have gotten stuck in my emotions and when I’ve let the good habits that supported me slip.

Author's Bio: 

Anne Hartley runs a life coach training school in Australia but trains coaches and workshop facilitators world wide. She is the author of several books on success and happiness.