Be wary of self-aggrandizement for it leads to lying to self. And we are apt to believe self over all others. - --Paul Mobley

Truth and fact are often ignored for selfish desire. For too often it is our own lusts and desires thatlead us astray and get us into trouble. Obtain the truth in each effort and stick with it. ---Paul Mobley

Every person has facts and truth, with perhaps some unrealized. The dislike for each is in examining their knowledge, and ridding themselves of that which is suspect or proven in error, for we do not like to question self. But in doing so we become mentally leaned, ready to seek and accept new truths, and are then able to follow the best, the truth for every project. ---Paul Mobley

Thrilling lies will often obscure truths. Half truths may convince us of that which is error. ---Paul Mobley

The true thinker stands face-to-face with his life, as if looking in a mirror, and then understanding self, he conquers his life, and controls it with truth
---Paul Mobley

If you are passionate about success, wanting to be successful, you can. If you do not want success you shall not have it. ----Paul Mobley

When a person chooses well, and pursues those goals, others will be ready to help. --Paul Mobley

Individuals who grow and pursue their talents and skills often become the odd duck in old peer groups, and may even be disliked by that group. However, one can keep those friendships and still succeed, but personal strength will be required for continuing to become the best one can. ---Paul Mobley

Self-growth is the result of curiosity, desire, and passion. ---Paul Mobley

Self-growth does not come magically. It requires effort. And the one fundamental for growth is truth; to grow in a job, to increase a business, to have best relationships, and first of all for self growth.
---Paul Mobley

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Paul R. Mobley is retired from engineering R&D work. During that work time he accomplished patents for metallic alloys. Now retired, and writing, he keeps busy. Contact at