Fibromyalgia sufferers does not get enough sleep. They cannot achieve the regular sleep cycles needed to a complete rest. They tend to wake during the cycle where the body should be repairing itself.

What is fibromyalgia?
It is a condition where there is pain almost anywhere in the body; muscles, tendons and ligaments. It's a non progressive condition but symptoms vary widely from day to day, severe worsening of symptoms may creep in anytime. It affects more women than men and worst of all it has no cure. The only remedy is to relieve the sufferers from the symptoms.

This condition is also called fibrositis, psychogenic rheumatism and chronic muscle pain syndrome.

What are the symptoms of people afflicted with fibromyalgia?
There are many and mostly are associated with pain. Headaches, muscle pains, needle like tingling in the skin, facial pains, feels pain when the skin is touched, chest pains, painful menstrual periods, abdominal pain and nerve pain.

Symptoms not associated with pain are dizziness, sensitivity to the senses, difficulty concentrating, changes in mood, dry eyes, dry skin, dry mouth, functional bowel disturbances, experiences cognitive dysfunction, short and long term memory problems and chronic sleep disturbances.

Sleep disturbances
In order to have quality sleep and rest, our body needs to undergo at least 3 sleep cycles. Each cycle is comprised of different brain wave activities. The first stage of a cycle is the alpha state where brain waves are slower than the waking state. Next is the theta state where the brain waves are lower still. The last state is the delta state or deep sleep. Then the cycle is repeated but the alpha state is replaced with the REM sleep.

The delta state or deep sleep state is the most important with regards to repairing the body, balancing hormones and removing stress chemicals to name a few.

When the delta sleep stage comes, 'alpha wave bursts' interrupt the sleep prohibiting fibromyaglia patients to enter the deep sleep state. Because the sufferers lack this delta sleep, the body is unable to activate the repair mechanisms resulting in fatigue and weakness the following day.

Analgesics, anti-depressants and muscle relaxants can help in relieving fibromyalgia patients. These are used only to relieve the symptoms but not to cure the syndrome.

To be able to enter the delta state or deep sleep, experts suggest to make the sleeping environment as comfortable as possible. The room should be well ventilated, the temperature adjusted to a comfortable level, free from loud noise or music and a comfortable bed or mattress.

A bed or mattress is a big factor in attaining a restful sleep. Some mattresses provides uneven pressure points to your body making you toss and turn to find a comfortable position at different times during the sleep period. Some mattresses like air types and memory foam mattresses gives you the best support for your skeletal muscles. Pressure is evenly distributed to your body giving you great comfort.

To relieve fibromyaglia sufferers from weakness and fatigue, it is advisable to promote favorable sleeping conditions so that they can reach their delta sleep state.

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