Shaman Says

The term shaman might have originated in Northern Siberia in a region in central Russia known as Tunguska, purported to be the location of a mystical kingdom referred to as Shamballa. A shaman (sometimes magician, sorcerer, witch doctor, or medicine man) has esoteric knowledge enabling him to utilize life force energies for healing and for controlling the forces of nature. When such a master works in alignment with the good, he or she is considered wise. Almost all cultures around the planet have an ancient history of shamanic myth and practice. In many parts of the world these practices remain current.

Time for Exercise: five to 15 minutes

Properties Required: none


  1. Ask yourself: “How would I be, and what would I do in this particular situation if I were a wise shaman?”
  2. Relax your ordinary thought process and let images and ideas, intuition and insight come into your consciousness. Open yourself to guidance from your higher self, from the collective consciousness, and from super consciousness. Ideas might come to you that aren’t based on your previous experience or your regular thought process.
  3. Use this technique whenever you are stuck for a solution to a problem, for a way out of difficulty, for a source of creativity, or to trigger an “Aha!” epiphany.


People can act themselves into new ways of thinking. If you can imagine something vividly enough, you can actually make it real. What if you could become wise by imagining that you already are?

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