It was an email that made me change it all. It forced me to ask a question - a question I sent back to my friend.

You see I’d got fed up with all the going nowhere, negative down talk in the media. Simply put I want to see a change in the world. So I asked my friend my question…

“Well, what are you going to do about it?” I asked.

My friend replied. “I don‘t know. I guess I’m telling you.”

And that was it… that was what frustrated me into changing - the knowledge that I had to be the one to change the part of the world I controlled. So I set about it.

I began contacting some people I admired - the world’s best-selling authors in personal and spiritual development and outstanding coaches and speakers - and something magical began to transpire.

I began to develop an on-line publication, centred on empowerment and well-being. I called it CommunitySoul. Note the Soul being joined to the community… and then read on and note how you and your business can get involved in our latest innovation…

CommunitySoul’s latest innovation is a news page - News with Empowerment. Here we don’t just tell the news, but encourage involvement or at the very least a little more contemplation about what’s happening in the world. For example: we don’t just tell you a Christmas Drink Drive Campaign is kicking off, we give you the legal limits and suggest some things you might think about. We don’t just tell you about detox diets, we question them and ask why we even need a detox diet in the first place.

If your business seeks to be of service to people by enhancing their * personal and spiritual well-being, relationships, family, health, business or environment* then I want to hear from you.

If your business is about making the world a better place and not just making your pockets bulge then I want to know about you.

If you like the idea of being involved within a community, where ideas get pooled and top professionals and writers share their insights and inspiration… and if this excites you, I want to hear what you do. And, so I can best serve you, here is how I want to hear about it …

Here are CommunitySoul’s GUIDELINES:

As a business, comment on a current news item and give us your slant on the news item. Tells us a little about how your innovation addresses the issue. Include stats that back up your claims and a short quote or two from you.

Our preference is that what you write fits into the categories above, marked between the two*, but occasionally, if what you send is news worthy, and we have the space and we view your cause as noble, we will do what is possible to help.

Please keep your sentences short. Have no more than 4 sentences in a paragraph and restrict your item to a maximum of 6 paragraphs. I ask you to understand these points because if you don’t, you’ll make it harder for us to help you. Our inbox is filling up quicker each day!

You must provide an http link to your website so readers can find out more about you.
We reserve the right to edit your submission.

Neil Millar
News Editor

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