There seems to be some misconceptions on the effects of a military-style training program. I have had numerous young men tell me that they intend to undergo a military-style workout via muscle building program DVDs in order to build large amounts of muscle and gain strength quickly. Unfortunately, this is a misguided application of the typical military fitness program.

You see, a boot camp program typically consists of 3 primary factors:

1. Lots of endurance training.
Long marches and runs, often with heavy backpacks are very common. These are done daily, and often more than once per day.

2. Lots of calisthenics.
Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, squat thrusts, and just about anything else that you can do with your bodyweight. These are done throughout the day for hundreds of reps.

3. A restricted diet.
Don’t expect to be eating any gourmet food or your favorite dessert. Everyone eats the same thing and you don’t get to go back for a second-helping.

When you look at the three factors above I think you can begin to understand why boot camp programs are not ideal for those looking to build muscle or strength. Instead, the above three factors make boot camp style training a well-oiled fat-burning machine. Unfortunately, for those of us with some additional muscle mass, you will also find that boot camp training will burn up a good amount of muscle as well.

Keep these factors in mind the next time you see a muscle building program DVD touting the benefits of a boot camp-style training program. It’s great for getting into basic shape, but not for building huge muscles or extreme levels of strength.

In order to build strength and muscle at the fastest rate you need a training and nutrition program that is designed specifically for your goals. If you are unsure how to design the optimal program for you, I highly suggest checking out the Athletic Muscle Building program.

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