Why are executive careers derailed*? Intelligent people with highly developed technical or managerial skills don't always have the know-how when it comes to dealing with people or teams on a personal level. To be successful it is important to know what mistakes to avoid.

Here are the most frequent mistakes:

*Delay too long in taking needed action and lose momentum of honeymoon forever.

*Works too hard at being liked.

*Insensitive to others, abrasive, intimidating, bullying style, cool, aloof and/or arrogant.

*Betrayal of trust.

*Specific performance problems with business.

*Over managing or under managing, ineffective or absent delegation and ineffective team building.

*Unable to staff effectively.

*Unable to think strategically.

*Unable to adapt to people who have different styles.

*Behaving inconsistently (as perceived by stakeholders).

It is rare that any person is a hopeless case when it comes to improving their effectivness in the workplace. Executive and Leadership Development Coaches are oftentimes the best and quickest solution to smoothing out the rough edges on a promising career. Invest in your people and you'll become the "Employer of Choice" for top executive talent.

*Based on our compilation of current research and our myriad experiences with CEO’s and other senior executives.


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Brett M. Miles is a professional speaker and leadership development consultant for MilestonesInc.com, a firm that helps senior management develop leaders, solve team issues, and change and integrate cultures. Milestones provides state of the art selection and retention strategies, executive coaching, training programs and processes for senior and mid-level managers. With over a decade-long track record in 100+ companies on three continents, Milestones partners with top leaders to improve performance and enhance the quality of relationships in the workplace. Brett Miles can be reached at 800-31-MILES or by visiting www.leadershipdevelopment.bz