If we take a look at all the past mayhem and destruction, we will find it all emanates from the minds of human beings that used their intellectual brain to the detriment of humanity. On the 4th August two main headlines hit the news. Martha Stewart was sentenced to three extra weeks for being outside and enjoying the fresh air and going to Yoga classes. This is reminiscent of any past witch hunt by religious zealots.

Another headline read - Ayman al-Zawahri, a deputy leader of al-Qaida, vows more attacks in Britain and says thousands more American troops will die in Iraq unless the U.S. withdraws. The rhetoric stated-You will see, with God's will, what will make you forget the horrible things in Vietnam and Afghanistan-It promised more mayhem and destruction in the name of the Muslim God.

The menacing threats come from a doctor who has had a privileged education and like the judge who sentenced Martha Stewart, both use their education to enact their heavy-handed form of justice.

Another case that has not hit the headlines is from a doctor friend of mine. His granddaughter won a scholarship to the best school in Miami. Her father who is a school teacher and divorced from his wife, objected to the daughter going to a privileged school, as he does not believe it would be good for her...A Miami Judge upheld the fathers objection and the disenchanted child cannot now start at her exclusive school. Her well earned scholarship will go to waste because of the judgment of an educated judge who is being paid to uphold the law?

We have created a society that relies on people who have been placed in places of power solely because they have a good education and have been awarded degrees in their chosen subjects. Unfortunately, this does not help them overcome their own one-sidedness, prejudice and hatred that is ingraining in their mind. Thus they employ their warped and twisted intellect as a weapon of destruction and indoctrination.

Simple, ordinary, powerless people suffer the diseased intellects, repugnance filled judgments and society sinks deep into a pit of ignorance that will, without question, become its demise.

In the movie Lord of the Rings, the end scene projects the saying, ...The meek shall inherit the earth.
The king and all the kingdom bow down to the four little men called Hobbits, whose courage and trustworthiness saved earth from the clutches of evil predators. They held the ring that could be used for evil if it fell into the hands of people intent to do others harm. The ring symbolizes the intellect of humanity and when it is held in a simple mind, peace and happiness prevails. However, when it is possessed in a mind that seeks power, it becomes an evil destructive force.

It is time for all the small, simple people of various faiths and races, to stand up and be counted. Compassion, love, grace and caring for one another, is the only way forward towards a peaceful world. If any cleric, priest, rabbi, lawyer, politician, company executive or judge etc, fabricates a statement or promulgates a deed that is detrimental to society, then they must be reported and stripped bare of their authority.

Only by living with the natural intelligence that nature provides can humanity begin to live a more authentic life. The intellect must be guided by universal intelligence that is present in the whole of nature. Every day, millions of erroneous actions are perpetrated on innocent, uncorrupted people, by other people who believe they hold the power to enact misguided deeds, because their diseased intellect tells them it's the correct action to take.

If humanity has become a race of alien beings that cannot recognize its own natural identity, then all is lost in authentic living. However, if there are still enough people to stand up and let their voices be heard for the betterment of all people, then humanity has a chance to make amends and repair thousands of years of insanity.

The human intellect has been infected by a dangerous dis-ease and the only remedy is for everyone with good intent to become united in every section of society ... The kindhearted and the fair-minded need to all speak with one nonpartisan voice for the good of humanity.

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