By Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a Master Energy Therapist and the author of the best-selling book, Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century.

At a quantum level, we are all just big bundles of energy. Our thoughts are energy, our words are energy, and our emotions are energy. Whatever you choose to focus on multiplies. That is, energy flows to whatever you think about a lot, speak about a lot, and whatever you respond to with emotion -- and it grows.

You have a relationship with your body, and YOUR BODY IS LISTENING TO YOU!

If you keep telling your body it is FAT, it will continue to be fat for you. Your cells are an intelligence system with which you communicate. Whenever you say, "I am fat," your fat cells listen and respond.

Most people with weight issues are very practiced at speaking negatively about themselves and their bodies. The result is that, by doing this, they keep adding to the problem.

It is almost impossible for your body to change when you keep sending it negative messages. As long as you say, "I am FAT," you give your body more instruction and energy to BE FAT!

I teach my clients to change their language to support their body in changing. Changing the negative "I am" to a positive "I am" is a powerful first step.

Change the "I am fat" to "I am slimming down." Change the "I never get results; it is too hard to lose weight," to "I am getting results; it is getting easier to lose weight."

Some people have a hard time saying a positive "I am" when that is not their current reality. The point is, if you want to change your reality, you had better start changing the way you think and speak about it.

Your body's intelligence system is smart. I believe the natural state of the body is to be lean and healthy. The body is always striving for this outcome, yet the power your mind has to disrupt this natural outcome is strong -- especially when your body keeps getting daily doses of negative feedback from you.

Trust your body to start doing the job it was created to do for you. If you despise your body, you weaken it and block its power.

Love your body in its current condition. The body is in many ways like a small child: it just wants to do a good job and be appreciated and loved. You wouldn't tell a 4-year-old child that she was no good and unlovable, would you? Imagine your body as if it were a small child, to whom your thoughts and words are directed every day.

Are you being an abusive adult to your body? Stop abusing your body with your thoughts and words. Start loving your body, and you will be amazed at how it will start working even harder for you to get the results you desire.

The following are some of my clients' favorite affirmations that can be used to empower your body. To give even more power to these statements, tap on your solar plexus while you repeat them in your thoughts or out loud:

I am healthy and lean.

I give myself recognition beyond food.

I love myself, I love my body, and fat just disappears.

I look nice; I am active; I am enough; and I count.

I am my ideal weight.

I feel great in my clothes.

I enjoy exercising several times a week.

I can say "No."

It is easy to find other things to do in the evening rather than eating.

I can let down my walls.

I am proud of my body; it did what I told it to do.

My body's natural state is to be lean.

I am fulfilled.

Food is a resource I manage wisely.

My metabolism works great.

My body knows what to do with what I give it.

I am patient with my body as it learns new habits.

Others notice how great I look and feel.

My organs are relieved of overwork.

I am slim and trim.

My body responds to my thoughts.

I am physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually balanced and healthy.

I am whatever I think and feel I am.

Your body IS listening to you! Free it up to do the job God gave it to do. Your body's natural, God-given state is to be lean and healthy. What are you telling your body? Start empowering your body right now and it will amaze you how strong and powerful it really is, and how much more successful you will be in letting go of excess weight and gaining more health.

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