A new study shows that whirlpool bathtubs are a breeding ground for bacteria. More than 40 samples were tested from both private and hotel whirlpool tubs, and each one exhibited some amount of microbial growth.

Fecal Bacteria in 95 Percent

The researchers found that:

  • Feces-derived bacteria were present in 95 percent of the tubs
  • Fungi were present in81 percent
  • Staphylococcus bacteria were present in 34 percent
  • Two Million Bacteria

    A teaspoon of normal tap water generally contains about 138 bacteria. A teaspoon of whirlpool tub water, however, contains more than 2 million bacteria.

    A Host of Diseases

    The bacteria found in the samples can lead to many diseases, such as urinary tract infections, skin infections, and pneumonia.

    MSNBC March 9, 2006BBC News March 3, 2006

    Dr. Mercola's Comment:I recentlyran a shocking story aboutthe bacteria found in restaurant ice cubes. Now it looks like sitting in a whirlpool bathtub in your home or a hotel may be just as potentially harmful to your health, especially if you have an open wound.

    This is one of the reasons why I rarely ever use whirlpools.

    On a related notemanycommercial institutions put chlorine in their whirlpools to kill these germs. Typically large amounts of chlorine are used. The problem with chlorine is that it is also toxic to you and long-term exposure will likely harm your health more than the bacteria.

    Fortunately, there are less toxic alternatives, like Baquacil, available.

    Small intermittent exposure to chlorinated water is not likely to be harmful, but if you are doing it regularly it is just one more nagging influence to decrease your health. If you accumulate enough of these you eventually overcome your ability to detoxify the assaults to your system and you could find yourself with some unanticipated health challenges.

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