The traditional wisdom that states you can tell a person is lying by looking in their eyes may have some merit to it. While it cannot work as a lie detector, which is effective 100 percent of the time, eye movement is closely connected with cognition and thought.

When a right-handed person looks up and to the left, this is indicative of their making a visually constructed mental image. Up and to the right indicates a visually remembered image.

Straight left is connected to auditory construction, and straight right to auditory memory. Left and down is often indicative of memories of smells, feelings, or tastes, and right and down often represents internal dialogue.

So, for example, if someone glances to the left as they answer a question, they may be making up the answer, whereas a glance to the right means they are remembering it.

Remember that it's not a sure-fire method, though ... and also that most left-handed people will have the opposite meanings for their eye-directions.

Dr. Mercola's Comment:Recently, Iran an articleabout a natural means to measure if someone was lying to you based on listening to their stomach.Turns outeye movement is another way to tell is someone is lying to you.

Although TV shows use obvious visual cues like this all the time to speed through storylines and to clue in an audience, this interesting piece -- based on theories by scientists who invented Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Richard Bandler and John Grinder -- demonstrates there may be some merit to eye-watching.

This approach focuses on the ability to recall information based on how one's mind processes data and memories and where the eye moves in relation to those actions.

If you're not convinced this technique works, take a few minutes, jot down some quick and easy questions and try it out on a coworker or loved one, as you may be surprised by the results.

Strangely enough, this may also explain why so many people you may see playing poker professionally on TV wear sunglasses. (TV poker is, I think, yet another examplein the litany of good reasons to limit television's dire effects on your family.)

Speaking of sunglasses, please understand that if you are seeking to be healthy, avoiding the use of sunglasses should be high on your priority list. Sunglasses block important light wavelengths that are essential for your health and will, without question, over time worsen your eyesight.

About the only time they are appropriate is if you are skiing and it is sunny. Thenthere simply is too much illumination for your eyes to properly adjust, and skiing on the top of a mountain is not a very natural experience so you may need to compensate for this.

If you find that sunglasses are necessary to wear because bright sunlight is painful to you, that is a strong clue that your adrenals are not working properly and cannot send a strong enough sympathetic signal to your iris to contract to reduce the amount of light to your retina. Impaired adrenal function is typically a result of previous emotional stressors and, in my experience, they are best treated with energy psychology tools.

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