This article is going to take an objective look at the whole mentoring business and if it will indeed make you successful. You see, I have a friend who mentors and has been mentored himself also. He told me that he sees a lot of individuals who attend some forums and they ask the senior members if they like and would be willing to mentor them, as if engaging in a successful Internet marketing will make them successful themselves. There is actually an old proverb which says you can lead a horse to water but you cannot let him drink it.

The same thing is true when applied with mentoring. You could teach and coach a person everything you know, but unless that individual applies what he learns, then this whole coaching stuff will be useless. For that matter, unless the person you are teaching is even able to grasp and comprehend what he is learning, the mentoring does no good at all. First, let us take this from the standpoint of someone who does the teaching. Given that the mentor already knows all his stuff, topics, concepts and ideas etc., then most likely his mentoring program is ready and all laid out already.

Naturally, there would be some questions that will arise that the mentor would be unable to plan for, but still, they should be answered easily. Because he planned every step of walking the person who he’s coaching through the process. For what it’s worth, the mentor himself does not have to do a lot of work and in some cases, he is compensated quite well for this service. So from this point of view, coaching is absolutely worth his time from the monetary point of view. Okay, so how about from a results viewpoint? You have to remember that this is not just all about the money.

In fact, to mentor somebody does take a lot time. And other than being a mentor, there are actually easier ways to make a living. So you would want to know that the time you’re spending is really worth spending. And this is where the person you’re mentoring steps in. As already mentioned above, you can provide someone everything you know, but that person has to apply what he learns for the mentoring to be useful and effective. From my own friend’s personal mentoring experience, only about 1% of the people he has mentored actually went on to do anything with it.

As most of those people normally just fall asleep on the face of the earth, he cannot truthfully say why the mentoring process turned out to be just a waste of time for both of them—it just was. The sad reality is, many people, once they already find out what it takes to be successful in the Internet marketing business, do not want to put in the work. They go back again in trying to find the easy way. If you can find someone who is truly dedicated, then mentoring is really worth it. The only problem is, you could never really tell who is dedicated until you’re already far into the process.

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