Proper preparation of your speech is half the battle. Know you
subject thoroughly then make an outline for the introduction, main body and conclusion. Start your speech with something to startle your audience into complete attention such as a weird statement or funny happening.

In presenting the main body of your speech get the confidence of your audience by letting them know you know your subject very well. Get your points across without argument.

In making your conclusion you can briefly sum up what you have just stated then end with a big bang; recommending action your audience should take or suggesting they change their viewpoint on the subject etc.; finalize with a joke that fits the circumstances, or powerful word pictures they will remember after they leave the meeting.

Make your outline in large print with plenty of space between lines so you will be able to look up without losing your place on the sheets. Rely on your memory for the most important points,
including the opening and closing lines.

Practice your speech with a tape recorder and in front of a mirror before the meeting. Work out any apparent speaking problems or thingsthat don't sound just right. Know what you are going to do with your hands and determine the better body movements to go with your personality. Continually make eye contact back and forth across the room.

Take time to think before answering questions. If you don't have the answer, ask another question, refer it to someone else better
qualified to answer, answer in general terms, or change the subject (like politicians do) complimenting the person asking
the "impossible" question, or by telling a "clean" joke.

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