Sometimes I just feel stuck—like I am frozen in a block of ice. It’s an interesting metaphor, actually. I can see out, but just can’t move. My mind is active. I am thinking, planning, conniving even, but that’s as far as it gets. How can I thaw the ice so that I can step out of the frozen prison I have created?

First, I have to generate some heat, right? Well, if everything is energy as I believe it to be, then all these thoughts are energy, and energy can create heat. So why, if I have been generating so many thoughts, am I still paralyzed? If the thoughts stay trapped inside the mind they fail to achieve motion, and it is the movement of our thoughts that generates the energy, the heat. One of my friends said recently, “The longest distance in the world is the 18 inches between the head and the heart.” The obvious place to move the thoughts then is to the heart. This simple step jumpstarts the process of generating the heat necessary to melt the ice, which then enables me to get moving forward on a path to productivity. It’s like a Rube Goldberg experiment where the ball drops into the spoon, which knocks the dominoes over, etc.

The metaphysical law that explains this is “energy follows intent”. As we move into higher consciousness, we are called to shift from judgment to discernment. Judgment is head-centered thinking that keeps us stuck. It is a violation of the Universal Laws. Discernment is simply judgment which is tempered with the heart. It creates the heat to fuel our forward movement.

Part of what generated the big block of ice was judgment of myself! Every time I allowed myself to think “I’m not good enough to…”, “what if this doesn’t work”, or “if I do it they might think…” the temperature dropped another degree or two, and I was trapped even deeper inside my icy prison.

Are we ready for a spring thaw? This long hard winter of our discontent has passed! I now give myself permission to be free. I release all thoughts that would be limiting. I now take each idea as it comes into my consciousness and move it into my heart. What does this mean? I allow the heart to examine my thoughts to find the relevance of each one to the rest of the world. How is this idea going to affect anyone or everyone else? What is the potential impact of it? No longer am I limiting my thoughts to my little world. As I look more and more outside myself, I generate more and more energy. This energy not only melts the ice that has held me motionless, but it also fuels my forward progress. As I move onward and upward, so do we all!

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Jean Adrienne is a healer, teacher, lecturer and creator of quantum change. She is a graduate of The Florida State University with a BA in Psychology. She also completed The University of the South's four-year Education For Ministry program. She developed the InnerSpeak Process and is also a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna Ki Master/Teacher and Seven Rays Master/Teacher. She offers readings and clearing sessions via phone as well as in her office in Kennesaw, Georgia. She holds classes regularly and hosts a monthly Circle of Light support group for LightWorkers.

Jean Adrienne's books, Reframe Your World: Conscious Living In The New Reality, Soul Adventures, Mayan Soul Adventures and InnerSpeak For Everyone are available for purchase on her website, amazon and in your local bookstore.