Meditation is a key which can open the door to eternity.

In reality Meditation means the technique through which we can drop all 'Doing'.
As such there is nothing wrong with this world. flowers are smiling at us, Stars are twinkling at us, Birds are trying to make us juicy with romantic chirping for their beloved, Sun is giving warmth to us, Moon is asking us to relax.

the whole existence is conveying to man kind "Stop, look, very thing is alright, why you want a change"
and among all i agree with Mama Moon. we need to relax. there is nothing wrong in any thing. this world is perfect. even i am perfect.

my stupid mind may agree that whole world is perfect but it will never agree with the idea that 'I am perfect". and from here all problems starts. the moment i try to make myself perfect, i start changing the entire world (except me). most of times i try to adjust this stupid world to match my needs.

wise man says "if you change yourself, whole world changes"
but I am evern wiser " i try to change the whole world. because the moment whole world changes, i will also be changed". is not it?

this may sound stupid, but this is the fact of all of us life. we all are doing exactly the same thing.
meditation means accepting things as they are and that includes myself also.

in initial stages of meditation we witness the thoughts, breath or chant any mantra. idea is to just watch the breath but dont get involved with them. it is a known fact that no thought is ours, all thoughts come from outside. so we cant take credit for any good or bad thought. they are like guest. they came with out informing us and as they came, they will leave also. but if we start entertaining them by getting involved with them, then they may stay for longer periods and will suck our time and energy.

we dont even need to judge them, identify with them or even question those thoughts "how come i can have such a thought". As such we are very helpless. because neither we can stop these thoughts nor we can control them. but on the other hand there is no need also. because when we dont interact and entertain these thoughts then we are in a very balanced, relaxed state which is beyond words.

In reality all good things can only be experienced but can never be understood through words. when we dont involve with thoughts then we are preventing sufficient trouble for us. its really a wise step from our side.
as we got more rooted in meditation then we need to make meditation the way of our life. each action of ours should reflect meditative quality.

normally meditators feel that one hour meditation in morning and one hour meditation in evening is more than enough. but how can 2 hour of meditation can fight with 22 hrs of unawareness. slowly we need to be aware of our body movements also and then of our feelings.

if we notice then every 30 minutes or one hour we are in different feeling state. our moods are contantly changing. we need to be aware of these moods also. in essence all moods/feelings are a train of thoughts.
'one train of thoughts means 'good mood', another may means 'bad mood' and so on.
a real meditator has to be careful:
1. Thoughts and gap between two thoughts.
2. Body movements ( i raise my hand, i should be conscious of it)
3. feelings (train of thoughts)

if i am aware of thoughts then i am aware of feeling also. its not difficult. just a matter of time and dedicated practice. it takes time which varies from person to person. but putting energy in meditation is the only earning we are making in this life, rest all will be taken away from us. but at the same time we will be asked questions by society "why u r not doing well financially, socially etc". at this point we need to set our priority very clear "what we want from life" and if we really respect ourself then no one will dare to ask this question from us 'Twice'.

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