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KARMA volunteers: “GEMINI needs a home in the city with a good variety of things to do and see — things that only take a short time to get to.”

KEISHIN chimes in: “GEMINI prefers a duplex, for obvious reasons. GEMINI likes the idea of a twin house to make it easy to talk continuously to his/her neighbors.”

BILL adds: “GEMINI lives downtown in a makeshift apartment above the bookstore. Familiar visitors have learned that the bookstore is an extension of GEMINI’S apartment (its living room). And the apartment is an extension of the bookstore.”

CAIT adds her two-cent’s worth: “My friend GEMINI would, on the one hand, inhabit a digital broadcasting studio downtown (above the bookstore Bill mentioned).

“This GEMINI travels back and forth across town several times a day, stopping only a minute to pick up some high-carb (brain energy) fast finger food. GEMINI then goes to a second residence, a high, silvery-tower room.

“Up in the silvery tower, GEMINI observes rapidly-moving clouds by day, and mentally rearranges the stars at night.

“The dual nature of GEMINI might be compared to a subatomic particle in quantum physics; one moment a wave, and the next, a particle. When back in the downtown broadcasting studio, GEMINI is energetic, chatty, and youthful. When in the silvery tower, GEMINI transforms (in appearance) into a timeless Merlin-like sage.”

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