The economy is not some esoteric thing. We are the American economy. It is we. Each and every one of us.

We must rally together for our country and continue to spend. Do not hold back. Even I considered, at first, taking back a large purchase I made the day before terror Tuesday. I have reassessed and realized that I must, and we all need to, continue to spend – not foolishly - but what as we would before the attack.

We must not live in fear. Do not allow the terrorists to negatively impact our hearts, spirits, or economy.

Continue spending or America will suffer. If you were going to buy a printer – buy that printer; if you were going to go clothes shopping – go shopping; if we all do this we will show the world that the American spirit can not be broken. Do it knowing that by each one of us rallying together we, as a nation, will not suffer. Do it with the confidence that we will not let each other down and that the United States of America will not allow continued suffering by the actions of terrorism.

We need to control the economy by controlling ourselves. If we are a sales manager we need to pass this message on to our staff. Rally your team. Inspire them to continue to work – to face their depression with action.

What kind of action can we take? We can drive to NY to help lift rubble, but this is not advice I recommend. We can donate blood or money. We can continue on our lives and our jobs. Inspire others. However you choose to face this national tragedy remember by taking action in your daily life you too impact the nation as a whole for the positive. We must continue to sell. We must continue to have the energy to work.

If you are a sales rep and find your customers having difficulty with buying decisions, give them the support they need. Let them know their actions impact the nation at this critical time. They need to be inspired by you. Remind them they can help fight terrorism by continuing to make decisions, as they would have before Tuesday.

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Have passion in your actions, passion in your words, and compassion in your heart.

We all need each other now as Americans.

God Bless America!
Marcella McMahon, COO
Phone: 800-926-5953 x 202

P.S. Remember, Americans come in all shapes, sizes, colors, modes of dress, and religious backgrounds. Outward actions of rage and violence to this crisis lower one to the level of those they hate, the terrorists.

Talking to Children about Terrorism
We are also concerned about the children and recommend reading this article on talking to your children about terrorism by Purdue University.

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Marcella McMahon is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant, motivational coach, counselor and COO of Positive Results. Her presentations are right on. She coaches many entrepreneurs to success and loves instructing. She gives her time freely to the non-profit organization “Junior Achievement” teaching the youth of America to be entrepreneurial and understand business’ role in free enterprise.

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