You are where you are because of your best thinking.

Take a minute to really digest what that means to you before reading on.

All of your decisions, each and every day, have led you to exactly where you are right now. Are you broke, tired, and looking for a way out? Have you become a stranger to your family? Or are you wealthy, successful, and loving your life? Do you wake up each morning full of gratitude and excited for what a new day can bring?

Whatever results you have gotten in your life, whether wanted or unwanted, are a direct result of each and every decision that you make every day.

Think about that. You CHOOSE to wake up every day to an alarm and go to a job you hate. You CHOOSE to resign yourself to the notion that you are meant to be an employee and will be for the rest of your life. You CHOOSE to rack up credit card debt, second mortgages, and pay hundreds and thousands of dollars each month in interest. These are things that didn’t just happen to you, you chose these things.

Now that we have cleared the air a bit and allowed you to wake up for just a few minutes to realize that you are absolutely not a victim in life nor are you simply made to follow orders and let life happen to you, the question now becomes what different choices are you going to make that will result in the changes in your life you so desperately seek?

I faced this same dilemma not too long ago in my life. My son cried when I left for work and I only got to spend about an hour and a half per day with him when all was said and done and that was if I didn’t have to stay late to get work done. I just woke up and realized that there had to be a better way. I made the decision that I was going to find that better way and lo and behold, I did. The power was in the decision I made. I simply decided I would find a better way to generate income and that I would spend more time with my family doing so. From that point forward, I was going to make my decisions with that result in mind and only that result in mind. Failure was not an option.

What an empowering feeling it was to come to the realization that I could chart a brand new course for my life. Hopefully, after reading this you too will come to that realization.

If you want different results in life you have to do things differently. You have to make different decisions.

We all have the power within us to change our lives for the better, and it all begins with a simple choice.

Author's Bio: 

Paul McDonald is an IT professional turned entrepreneur whose goal is to assist 100 people per year in starting up their own home business by teaching them the same simple 3 step business model that he utilizes. For further information visit