Practice putting yourself in a state of absolute certainty. In this state you are being certain. Being certain means that you are feeling certain, thinking certain, speaking as a certain person and taking action as someone who is certain. This means that you have evolved to a place of knowing. Knowing that you will achieve your goals. You will know that you are there because you have eliminated doubt and you know that your goal outcome will be done.

Do not try and force your goal to materialize. Force never works. In affect, force negates. Dr. Wayne Dyer uses the analogy of the tomato seed, and he says you are forcing when you “try to pull out the tomato shoot early, before it has finished growing”. When you do, you remove it from the source (the creative universal source that is causing the seed to manifest from a seed into a tomato plant full of ripe tomatoes.)

Tugging on the tomato shoot is trying to hurry it along and we do this all of the time with our goals. We want things now! But, manifestation takes time. If our roots are low, not deeply planted, or haven’t been planted long enough, be patient. Give the roots enough time to materialize.

Attempting to hurry things along or to force something will not work because it interferes with the universal energy or creation.

Therefore, have your goals. Then learn to relax and turn your thoughts, ideas, your consciousness and your awareness to your own purpose and know in your heart that it will manifest!

That is why “infinite patience produces immediate results.” The result that it produces is peace. The peace that you will have is the knowing that the manifestation is certain. And with certainty comes peace, not worry or doubt. Where there is certainty, there is no room for doubt or worry.

When you feel impatient, remember your purpose and trust in the universal energy. The key to relaxing about whatever it is that you want to manifest is the certainty of the outcome. If you have a certainty of the outcome, patience is easy.

If you have an uncertainty you will not be patient. Trust in this wisdom.

With patience and trust you will be tapping into the power of attraction. You need not be concerned about how it is going to show up. When you have this knowing, great things have no fear. The universal intelligence doesn’t operate within the parameters of time. You are the source!

Get in alignment with that force. Just know it will show up. It is everywhere for everyone and you are part of that perfection. You have unlimited energy and unlimited potential. Please use it well.

Peggy McColl

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by Peggy McColl, Author of On Being...The Creator of Your Destiny & On Being A Dog With A Bone