Life is like a game and each morning we cast the die. Sometimes we hit double sixes; other days, it is snake eyes. What is important is not what luck throws our way, rather our reaction, response and reflection.

Let’s suppose in a moment of distraction, someone rear-ends our car while we are waiting for traffic to move. Undoubtedly, it’s an unfortunate and bothersome situation. It may unleash a series of troublesome events which influence the rhythm and timing of our day. Simply said, we hit “craps” to start the day.

What is marvelous about being human beings is we can choose how the day will develop based on what we think and do with what we are given. We have been taught that as humans it’s only natural to be disgusted and perhaps even become aggressive. “Why did you have to be so careless?” we may ask. “Now you’ve ruined my entire day!”

Recently this same situation happened to me. Fortunately, I had just read an article by Stephen Covey regarding the 90/10 principle based on Charles Swindoll’s quote:

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”

Instantly, I thought about the alternatives and chose one which would produce the best results. After my initial disgust, I accepted the situation as an opportunity to meet people I did not know. It was entirely possible my life and perhaps theirs could be enriched by this experience. While I would love to say I always act in this manner, the truth is sometimes the emotion of the moment leads me to react in a way which inhibits my progress and produces rage.

We have all gotten up in the morning with a swift kick to the bedpost which by some miraculous means got in our way. This simple occurrence can inflict physical pain and unleash a chain of events leading to a day of frustration and fury.

We never know what number we will roll each morning. What we can do is take what we have been given and use our personal power to look at the situation from a positive perspective. In the Game of Life we take the circumstances presented and do the best we can, always aware that our reaction, response and reaction are directing our destiny.

It's the Bounce that Counts!

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