At first it may have been an exciting challenge trying to fill your appointment calendar each week. Soon what was once a challenge became a drudgery. Unfortunately, few of the appointments you secured resulted in immediate business meaning you had to work even harder to fill that appointment book. Plus, even though you continue to ask for referrals those referrals are few and far between. Have you been or are you in these shoes?

Even though it feels hopeless now there is hope. You can change things and get different results when you understand what you’re doing and why. Instead of floundering around doing the things that don’t work focus on doing what does work.

Attraction is your ability to get the people you want to help interested in you and what you do. Just today I was cold called by a company who was telling me they are a full service marketing company and wanted to sell me their services. I’m thinking, “gosh you guys must be terrible marketers if you have to cold call people you know nothing about, and then puke all over them about you.” Rather than being attracted to the company I was completely repulsed. To attract the people you want to work with you first have to know exactly who they are, and how you’ll connect with them. After that you must understand what they want, and determine how you will help them to get that. Finally, you must have a way for the people you want to connect with to reach out to you. You don’t want to immediately ask for an appointment unless they specifically want one. You must nurture a relationship before you become attractive enough for the prospect to want to appoint you.

Assistance is helping prospects buy what they want and need. Going back to my cold calling friend, from the instant I answered the phone the caller was trying to make a sale without first discovering what I want and need. However, getting into a position where you can provide any type of assistance is a real challenge when you cold call someone. It can be done. If she had offered something that would be of interest to me I would have accepted. Then through follow-up communication the company could have educated me, developed my interest and need, provided a way for me to experience the company, and finally provided an opportunity for a sales conversation. When you secure the appointment it must be all about assistance. While you’re assisting your increasing the level of trust you have with the prospect, you’re increasing their attraction to you, and you’re helping them to “sell” themselves on why they want and what they want now.

The third thing you must master is alignment. Because you’re securing clients you’re committed to looking out for the best interest of the client. Thus you want to stay in regular contact with your clients, and in alignment with your purpose you need to provide value to the client through those connections. Taking that new client relationship from one of tentative trust and rapport to one of solid confidence and endearment ensuring their loyalty and enthusiasm. It’s that enthusiasm about you the person that will lead them to voluntarily refer others to you.

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