It may sound hokey to you, but you have to master your thoughts if you want to master success. Throughout your waking hours you have an ongoing dialogue running in your head with yourself. For the most part you never really think about this internal dialogue you just accept it. This internal dialogue is what you tell yourself when no one else is listening, and what you tell yourself becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Now that you’re conscious of this internal dialogue realize that by controlling this dialogue you position yourself to master success. Napoleon Hill referred to this dialogue when properly controlled and directed as auto-suggestion. Others call it positive affirmations. What you call it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the impact these internal or spoken words you say to yourself have on the results you get.

Your subconscious mind is like a computer that accepts what you tell it as fact. It doesn’t question the logical of what you tell yourself, or verify the accuracy. But your subconscious mind guides your daily actions in a way that reflects the message you send it. Now that you know the power of these internal conversations your job is to make sure those messages support the results you want.

A big problem you’ll have is recognizing what you tell yourself. Even when you say those things to others you still aren’t consciously aware of what you’re saying. Recently I was talking with a friend and she started the conversation by saying, “I can’t do this because I’m technologically challenged”. I responded you can do this you just don’t know how yet, but because you’re so smart you’ll learn how to do it and I’ll help in anyway I can. She thanked me and admitted that in spite of her concentrated efforts to provide positive self-talk for herself, this thought pattern had slipped through the cracks. The negative and untrue thought patterns that you allow to go unmonitored in your internal conversations inhibit your ability to achieve success far more than you’ll ever understand until you take even one small thing and change the conversation you tell yourself.

Master success by using the right message repeated daily for at least 30 days. A couple years ago I had a terrible time remembering peoples names. I told myself I was terrible at remembering names, and I verified this for myself because I had trouble remembering the names of even my family members. After learning about the power of auto-suggestion I began to tell myself out loud several times a day, “I am a person who remembers other people’s names”. I did this everyday for 30 days. I was amazed by the result. At the time I was meeting a lot of new people. I began to notice that after meeting someone just once I remembered not only there name, but details about them and the very brief encounter we’d had. I became so good at names, in fact, that others began to notice and comment in amazement at how well I remembered names. A simple example that you can try yourself to prove to yourself that what you tell yourself when no one is listening to you determines the results you experience.

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