You’ve probably read books based on the concept do what you love and the money will follow. And you probably didn’t feel any closer to understanding what that meant for you after reading the book than you did before reading the book. That’s because the concept is a solid one, but you’re missing the critical piece that enables you to put that concept into practice. That critical piece is the interests, attitudes and values that you hold. When you’re doing things that are satisfying to you it’s much easier for you to take action and to succeed.

Do you wake up each morning absolutely dreading having to do whatever it is you do to earn a living? Or maybe it isn’t quite that dramatic, you just have zero excitement or interest in doing your job or running your business. The only excitement for you is the paycheck and the paid time off. Unfortunately you aren’t alone in these feelings. Actually there are probably more people who feel the way you do about their work than there are people who are excited about and energized by their work. Wouldn’t you much rather be excited and energized about your work?

When there is alignment between the interests, attitudes, and values you hold and the work you do you feel energized and excited about your work. The reason is quite simple. From the time you were born you were a unique individual with your own way for doing things and your own interests. Your attitudes determine your interests. When you do things that fulfill your interests you feel satisfaction and intense desire to take action to continue to fulfill those attitudes. Different occupations are more fulfilling to some people than others, and when you’re in the wrong occupation you experience warning signs that indicate the work your doing isn’t right for you.

There are six attitude categories. The six attitudes are: theoretical, utilitarian, aesthetic, social, individualistic, and traditional. Briefly, theoretical is related to your thirst for knowledge. Aesthetic reflects your sensitivity to your surroundings. Social is related to your need to help others. Utilitarian is about your need for a return on your investment. Individualistic is about your need to control your own destiny. And traditional is based on what you believe to be the best system for living. Different types of work either fulfill these attitudes or they work against them. Focusing on doing the type of work that fulfills your attitudes leads to an increased level of success.

Different ways of earning a living either fulfill those attitudes or are completely contrary to those attitudes. When the way you earn a living is contrary to your interests, attitudes, and values it’s very stressful for you. At the end of the day you may have a headache, feel exhausted, or you just may be tense and on edge and need some time alone to regroup. There is a direct connection between your interests, attitudes, and values and the type of work that is best for you and that will lead to increased levels of success. Assessments are a quick and relatively inexpensive way to match you with the type of work that is right for you.

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