Massage & Dieting - Can the weight be rubbed off?

Nothing spells relaxation like a massage and relaxing while dieting is essential. Most dieters are changing their eating habits as well as adding physical exercise and massage is the answer for those spent, achy muscles.

There are claims that massage contributes to weight loss, and there are claims that massage can rid cellulite from the body.

What I do know is that massage expels dangerous toxins from the body while increasing blood circulation which ultimately increases metabolic rate.

Will it melt the weight off? No, but massages are a nice way to relax and let go of the pressures of the day. So, remove stres

Massages won't melt weight off, but what a nice way to get relaxed and release the pressures of the day. So shed the stress as you shed the pounds and let massage therapy assist you with your weight loss goals!

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Dawn Armfield is a certified, licensed Neuromuscular Massage Therapist in the Valdosta Ga area. She has been a teacher at two

local Massage schools in Atlanta area. She also is a certified Teacher of Infant Massage

Dawn uses her skills and knowledge from years of working with the eldely in Northern NY in state and privately funded programs to

enhance the bodywork sessions she provides.

Integration of swedish, hydrotherapy, sports and neurmuscular massage modalities has given her practice a unique stance as far

as being able to provide quality sessions for both her young clients and her mature clients as well as Mom's to be!

"Your skin is the largest organ of the body-Make massage a regular part of your healthcare!"-Dawn Armfield

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